Sunday, December 5, 2010

Camemberu is going on a 5D4N Royal Caribbean cruise!

After giving the eye-opening preview tour of Legend of the Seas, Royal Caribbean chose 10 bloggers to go on a 5D4N cruise to the Isles of Southeast Asia for a blogging contest. Oh yes, I'm totally thrilled that I'm one of the lucky 10! And I am pleased to count among my cruisemates some old friends (Calvin, Darren, EunicePhilip) and new friends (Cherie, ChristineEstelleMui Yee and Yee Leong). We'll be accompanied by OMY.SG folks and Royal Caribbean representatives and their ad agency.

From the preview tour, we've already seen that there's lots to do onboard the huge ship. Unlimited food and drink (even fine-dining is free!), a cinema, gym, sauna, spa, rock-climbing wall, golf course, swimming pool, suntanning deck, library, card/games room, ca$ino (!!), video arcade, lounges, etc etc... I didn't even get to see all of it.

But of course, the best thing sometimes is to do absolutely NOTHING. Yes, just simply chill and unwind, away from the stress of everyday life and work. In fact, this is the prefect chance to take a break from the Internet (not that it's not available) and phones.

Royal Caribbean gave us two nice pieces of luggage!
Royal Caribbean even gave us two pieces of luggage - and solid ones too! We didn't know we would be getting these, but the surprise sure is a happy one.

We were also given Royal Caribbean shoe bag, travel adaptor and luggage tags
They also gave us a shoe bag (given that we'd have to pack some nice shoes for a Captain's Night gala event), travel adaptors (although there are two types of sockets in the rooms), and luggage tags. We'll also have an hour's worth of Internet access, should we want to make tweets or online updates live on the trip.

Jolie and Nadine hoping to go on the cruise as well!

Here are Nadine and Jolie hoping to go on the cruise as well. See Jolie going, "Pleeease?"

No, you are still not going, no matter what smiles you try!

No, you are not going, no matter what cute smiles you try! Muahahaha! This trip is mine, all mine!

Actually, I'll miss these two, of course. The cruise ship is great place for families, so maybe next time I'll bring them. I'm grateful that hubby insisted I come for this trip. He's taking leave to take care of the household. I'm also missing out on some dinners, especially the Makansutra Christmas dinner, but oh well, this is my very first cruise after all!

My most critical supply!
I am going to pack after this post, but my most critical supply is all ready. SUNBLOCK GALORE! Because I don't tan, I simply burn! LOL!

We'll be stopping in Kuala Lumpur and Phuket along the way, and each blogger is given a shore excursion to experience as well. All of us will have our posts on our blogs as well as collectively on a special minisite (there'll be a voting contest at the end, and prizes for you guys!).

I wonder what shenanigans the 10 of us will be up to. While we may not be as crazy as the Pirates of the Caribbean, but I'm sure there'll be adventures and laughs galore. I can't wait.

And yes, bikini girl Estelle is coming along!

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  1. Just back from a 4D3N Best of Malaysia Cruise with stopovers in Penang and Port Klang. The family and friends enjoyed the cruise and I am sure you would too. The fine dinning restaurant serves pretty good western food. All meals are in big portions and are done pretty decent, considering the numbers of diners each night. I had 2 mains beef and a lamb shank over the 3 nights. With a good selection of wines (extra charge), we had great dinners there. The stopover in Penang was a little short for us do much, just visited the new 1st Avenue Mall, next to Prangin Mall (about 10-15mins away). The Port Klang location is at least 50-60 mins from KL, just managed to cover the new Pavilion Mall (next to Starhill, Bukit Bintang), in full Christmas deco, with some great shopping. Most importantly, the crew were friendly and helpful.

  2. the kids must have been excited! Have a good trip :)

  3. wow that's a very generous deal! heh. are you sure you needed TWO pieces of luggage for 5 days? hehe.

    have fun!!! i hope you can get some awesome spa experience along the way, maybe in Phuket?

  4. I so envy you! I've been dreaming to take on a cruise for several years now. This sure sound a lot of fun and an exciting adventure! Have a safe trip then. Looking forward in sharing your stories.

  5. If I were you, it's barbados or bust! Have fun!

  6. am also going but i am payong for my trip!!! hahahah dec 13 cruise

  7. Hi everyone, I'm back! Thanks for the comments!

    Miachenyze: I only took the smaller of two luggage pieces, and it was more than enough - they're expandable too!

    James: Good one! The actual Caribbean cruises are on the most amazing ships, twice as large and with even more features!

    Singaporefoodlover: Trust me, you will enjoy it more that way! Total freedom to enjoy your vacation!

  8. ahhhh....didn't know you've such cute kids!!! I m having withdrawal cruise syndrome!! And er, did u even use all that sun block? LOL.

  9. Gawd.. ur kids are gorrrgeous! Happy we managed to makan2 wiv you and keropokman in KL laaaa!


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