Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thaksin Beef Noodles at Clementi

Thaksin Beef Noodle Soup
Thaksin Beef Noodles has quite a few fans. This hawker stall serves what looks to be Thai-style beef noodles, complete with lots of herbs on top.

I do have to qualify that this was from Sept 2009 (I did say I have a serious backlog!), so I'm not sure about any changes in recent months. This was from the day a group of us curiously gathered to try Nic's "mei cai" (preserved vegetables) mooncake!

It will satisfy folks who are looking for a lot of beef
The serving (Supreme at S$5.50 above) is hearty indeed, and will satisfy those looking for generous portions of beef. However, I felt that the soup stock was rather mild-tasting. They do claim that they don't use any MSG (or tenderiser).

You can pass on the pad thai...
We could not resist ordering a portion of pad thai with prawn (S$4) to try. But similarly, this one could do with much stronger flavours. But perhaps those who do not like their food too spicy will take to it.

No MSG and no tenderiser used!
There are various bowl or portion sizes to choose from. Interestingly, the food's also halal. We tried really hard to ignore the tacky tagline. You can check out Keropokman's photos of the dishes from 2008 (I should have had the version with tripe!)

Block 449 Clementi Ave 3
Singapore 120449

There seems to be a branch at near Harbourfront too.
Block 2 Seah Im Road
#01-44 Seah Im Food Centre


  1. "We are BULLISH about BEEFING you"? Haha, that's so corny it's actually cute.

    And the stall owner isn't a distant relative of the former Thai Prime Minister, is he? :P

  2. I've tried the one at Seah Im, nothing to write home about

  3. this should at be the same coffee shop as brothers rojak?

  4. LFB: Haha yup. On both counts, I think!

    Highlander: so I've heard...

    Liverpool: I think so, yes. We ate that too!

  5. Sounds like a tasty dish. I might try this out in the upcoming holidays.


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