Monday, December 14, 2009

Pu Tien at Parkway Parade

Wonton Soup (S$10)
I was very happy to see Pu Tien setting up at Parkway Parade. Finally, another Chinese restaurant option besides Crystal Jade! Pu Tien is famously Hing Hwa (one of the less common Chinese dialects), so its offerings are slightly different from the ubiquitous Cantonese/Teochew variants.

There's a twist to its wonton soup - it's tangy! The vinegary broth surprised us at first. Hubby didn't like it, but I warmed up to it eventually. The wontons are like little dancers in "yan pi" tutus. The wonton skin has more texture than normal wontons.

Homemade Beancurd (S$8)
Pu Tien still carries familiar favourites, like Homemade Beancurd. Got this for the kids, but we ended up liking it more than they did. The beancurd is very smooth and eggy. I particularly enjoyed the gravy.

Deep-fried Pork Trotters with Pepper (S$3.80 per piece)
Deep-fried pig trotters with pepper - lots of gelatinous tendon and crispy skin. Who needs collagen pills when you have these?

Fried "Hing Hwa" Beehoon (S$6)
Their signature Hing Hwa fried beehoon is delicate in taste and texture, but pleasing nonetheless. Made with extra-fine beehoon and ten ingredients, like peanuts, seaweed, mushrooms, vegetables and clams.

Deep-fried Chicken with Garlic (S$12 for half-chicken)
The deep-fried chicken with garlic is loaded with fried minced garlic and curry leaves. Yummy! Eat it while it's hot.

Stir-fried Yam (S$10)
The stir-fried yam is interesting. Mashed yam fingers with a sticky, savoury-sweet coating. The densely compacted carbohydrates can get a little satiating after a few pieces though.

Opening Special - 100% Rebate of your meal
I like this place very much. Prices are reasonable, for decent food in casually elegant surroundings. Service is all right, but the food does take a while to come. Update (19 Dec 2009): Their opening special - the full rebate on your meal in terms of vouchers - is over, but they now give $10 for every $50 spent.

PU TIEN (check website for other outlet locations)

80 Marine Parade Road
#02-13/13A Parkway Parade
Singapore 449269
Tel: 6345-6358


  1. oh yea! crystal jade seemed to be monopolising at one point in several malls. hah. yea.

    whoa the beancurd looks awesome! it's my all-time favourite hah. there's one in Por Kee opposite Golden Spoon, they do a yummy rendition of it. yups. the pre-fried skin yum yum.

    thanks for the review! good for ppl who stay near parkway like me haha.

    cheers and happie holidays! =)

  2. Parkway Parade area has a lot of good food! Usually I will patronize Sakuraya, now I gotto check this out! 100% rebate voucher is a good deal!

  3. Just came back from dinner there and the food is good. The opening promo is over though.

  4. wow. the food looks real good. i'm sold on the stir fried yams. i love yams :)

  5. crystal jade at parkway parade sucks, very bad service


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