Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ABC Restaurant - 24 Hour Prata and Briyani

Banana Honey Prata
A former colleague of mine (thanks, Adrian!) told me of a wondrous banana honey prata at an "ABC" coffeeshop in Joo Chiat. That was easily 5 years ago. I finally had the chance to try it - and oh my, I'm slapping myself for not coming earlier. Gooey sweet nectar and semi-caramelized bananas are so good together with crisp prata! Eat it while it's hot though, cos that's when it's best. Never mind if you're halfway through your other dishes when it arrives. Just eat the prata first!

Nasi Briyani Ayam
Their nasi briyani is not bad either. Good fluffy basmati rice with decent curry/gravy. You will mop up the whole thing in no time.

Mee Goreng
Mee goreng (fried noodles) here is a sloppily thrown together dish. No high scores here on taste, but the dish has surprisingly good "wok hei"!

Help yourself to nasi lemak
There are packs of nasi lemak on the table you can help yourself to without waiting. In a way, it's a nice touch of hospitality, but don't ask me how long they've been sitting there.

This is the shop - it used to have a signboard!
This is the shop - it's at the junction of Joo Chiat Road and Duku Road, pretty close to the Joo Chiat Community Centre. There used to be a signboard, but that's gone now for some reason.

Business is brisk for this casual joint. Seating can be a little cramped but the patrons don't seem to mind. They just kick back and enjoy the food with some teh tarik or masala (chai) tea.

365 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427610
Tel: 6346-8549
Open daily 24 hours


  1. That looks super delicious! From my experience, eateries with no signboards tend to offer good food, because that's all they rely on — food quality.

    I'm going to try that prata and nasi briyani! Thanks!!!

  2. is this the one that hairy keeps raving on about? looks excellent;)

  3. Veron: haha good point! I hope you like the food there. The briyani is slightly different from what I've tried elsewhere. Hubby not so fond of the banana honey prata though.

    Cumi & Ciki: Oh, I don't think it's the same one - this one is probably too far away for him. Hah, I must ask him about it.

  4. sorry, looks like the prata is the worthy one here.

  5. The Chicken Murtabak and their Kambing SOup are just as great!

  6. Good recommendation! I love this post! Another great finding for me! hehe!
    wah the way those nasi lemak are wrapped.. they look so professionally done! Must be good! Yeah usually I only taste "wok hei" in Chinese dishes. so this mee goreng must be good.

  7. Foodlovee: haha that's why i put the prata photo upfront. For me, that's the highlight here. But my hubby didn't like the prata and preferred the briyani, so opinions may vary.

    Ryan: thanks, I'll be back to try more stuff

    Eunice: lol, no no no! the mee goreng got wok hei but it's not that tasty. it was just passable for me (hubby said it was not edible!).

  8. the nasi lemak, they'll pop it into the microwave when you request for it.

    yeah, i love the banana prata there. my bro & i once took a step further and bought a cup of ice-cream and dump that on the piping hot prata.... delectable!

    try the soup kambing. i read somewhere that a chef of a popular restaurant loves going there for that. he considered it his fave comfort food. it also became mine.

  9. Hi dear!

    Do you have any recommendations for good international buffets? have tried melt but im looking for something even better!


  10. Went down yesterday morning around 11.30am... Was told that the banana honey prata and the murtabaks are all not available... they only left some pre-cooked egg and kosong pratas... Left disappointed....

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