Monday, September 7, 2020

Crystal Skin Durian Mini Mooncakes from Chui Lau Heung


I have a really unusual find to showcase. Chui Lau Heung, a local brand that's apparently been successful in Hong Kong for durian mooncakes, has come up with crystal skin durian mini mooncakes. Yes, crystal skin, just like the 水晶包 crystal dumplings. The skin is translucent, delicately chewy and stretchy, totally outdoing their snowskin mooncake cousins. 

There are two varieties, both featuring decadent Mao Shan Wang durian puree, but one has a special "molten" core. They come frozen, so you'll need to thaw them for about 10-20 minutes. but you can be creative and torch them for a warm skin and cold centre experience. 

We found that the molten core one didn't really flow like molten lava, so do adjust your expectations. It also tasted like some sort of durian diluted with honey, so the durian taste is not as strong. Naturally, we leaned more towards the regular one, as the durian taste was more intense and unadulterated. 

Prices (box of 6 mooncakes) as per website: S$42 for molten core, and S$60 for the regular crystal skin mooncakes.

  Chui Lau Heung products
They have other products as well but the crystal mooncakes are the highlight. The durian products have very decent filling and smell good. The D24 durian bao is also frozen, so you can keep and enjoy at any time, even when durian is off season. The siew mai is vegetarian, which is good for people choosing not to eat meat, but seriously, you can't beat pork for siew mai. 

Last point: I'm not fond of the packaging design myself, but someone from another culture liked the box, so you never know. I was happy to give it to her. 

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