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"Thank Goodness It's Seafood!" Food Delivery in Singapore

Chef Shen Tan of OwnselfMake Chef fame has collaborated with Gastro Gig to create the Thankgoodnessits (TGI) series, a delivery-only concept that brings culinary entertainment and one-of-a-kind concepts into people’s homes.

​The first edition last month served up a scrumptious TGI Nasi Lemak (the twice steamed lemak rice is something Chef's Tan started with in her early days at Maxwell Food Centre). This second edition TGI Seafood (available til 1 Nov 2020) focuses on locally and regionally sourced seafood (such as from Ah Hua Kelong), complemented by herbs harvested from Gastrogig's 350sqm garden. 

We had an order for the Makan for 4 (S$108) which includes:

  • Nasi Ulam
  • Choice of 1 Premium Protein
  • Choice of 1 Protein
  • Choice of 1 Vege
  • 1 set Pulut Hitam Cake
  • 1 Kalamansi Kaya Bread and Butter Pudding with Fish Floss



Omelette, Sambal Tumis, Fried Shallot, Broad Beans, Rainbow Pickles

  Thank Goodness It’s Seafood

The star dish, Nasi Ulam (Rice Salad), features over 20 herbs that have been made into a pesto. This Malay and Peranakan dish is traditionally served with hand-chopped herbs and flakes of mackerel and coconut. 

Thank Goodness It’s Seafood
We loved the Salted Egg Cured Barramundi. The Barramundi is procured from Singapore farm Ah Hua Kelong and cured for 2 days in a whole salted egg blend with evaporated milk, curry leaves and butter. Pan fried right before delivery, so you get it still warm and fresh. Drizzle the brown butter sauce before eating!

Thank Goodness It’s Seafood 
Petai Lupcheong Prawns (easily a dozen large juicy prawns in here!) is cooked with locally-made lupcheong (Chinese dried sausage), Sambal Belachan and Petai (stink beans). This premium protein is such a generous portion. 

Thank Goodness It’s Seafood 
The Kaya Kalamansi Bread & Butter Pudding with Fish Floss features house-made Gula Melaka Kaya and house-made Kalamansi Marmalade. Sweet, tangy and spongy, topped (very unusually) with fish floss. We couldn't really detect kaya or kalamansi but it was lovely nonetheless with the vanilla sauce. We also experimentd with a bit of chili apple jam, and the cinnamon scent gave the pudding a natural lift.

Thank Goodness It’s Seafood
There was so much food in the Makan for 4 set, we almost didn’t need the GG Garden Curry but this is a real lemak treat that adds gravy and variety to the meal. It does better with a bit more salt or fish sauce though.

Thank Goodness It’s Seafood We also got a small tasting portion of the 22-spice kurobuta pork confit. It’s a nice alternative if you can’t take shellfish. Personally, I have to say the petai prawns might be a better choice with the nasi ulam.

Thank Goodness It’s Seafood 
Here are the condiments that come with the pack: Sambal Tumis, Fried Shallot, Broad Beans, Rainbow Pickles

Thank Goodness It’s Seafood 
We also added our own condiment of Kelantanese "budu" (fermented anchovies sauce), a splash of lime juice and sliced chili padi. Makes the nasi ulam sing. 😍 There was suddenly not enough rice to go with this.

Overall, we felt that this second edition is even better than the first which admittedly had lemak rice to die for and a killer rendang. Here's a look at how that one looked like. I can't wait to see what's in store for the next edition.
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Local events and gastronomic experience curator @gastrogig has launched a delivery concept called Thank Goodness It’s (TGI) to bring culinary joys into people’s homes. The first installation? Haha. What better than @tginasilemak by @chefshentan! Using fresh produce and aromatics from Gastrogig’s garden, Shen is embodying #EatLocal #ReapWhatWeSow #GreenIsTheNewBlack mottos in her exquisite rendition of #NasiLemak. Remember her Madam Tan’s Nasi Lemak from Maxwell days? . . The twice-steamed rice is simply bomb! 🤪 Delicious enough to eat on its own (yeah, we forgot to reach out for condiments like ikan bilis, pickles and sambal). . The Makan for 4 (S$88) gives you a feast of the stunning rice, rendang (beef or chicken), crispy chicken or pork belly, sambal goreng or eggplant AND decadent #desserts of Pulut Hitam Cake (with Gula Melaka Butterscotch) and Double Valrhona Choc Fudge Cake. Plus you get a complimentary immunity pack: 200ml jars of #Lard #Sambal and Achar. . . Available on until 30 Aug 2020 (though I wish it would be available for longer). . . #sgfood #sgnasilemak #amboi #sedap #chefshentan #tginasilemak #rendang #crispy #chicken #porkbelly #lunch #dinner #sgdelivery #gastrogig #sglife #sgcooks #selftaught #chef #foodiesg #foodporn #singapore #foodbeast

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Many thanks to @thankgoodnessits for the Makan!

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