Saturday, December 5, 2020

Cedele Christmas 2020: Turkey, Cake, Cookies and More

It's finally December! And soon, Christmas. I simply love how festive the Cedele goodies look in their takeaway packaging. Such bright and positive energy! 

I'm hoping the festive cheer will herald a better 2021 for us all. Let's take a look at the many things to enjoy.        

Cedele Christmas Goodies 2020

Christmas Panettone (family size, approximately 900g, S$28) 

This classic Italian Christmas fruit bread is a sweet brioche containing whole slow-poached lemons, orange peels, cranberries and apricots. 

Cedele Christmas Goodies 2020

Christmas Brioche Wreath with Spinach Onion Cheese Dip (S$30)

These are just too adorable. Little brioche buns served with a creamy spinach onion cheese dip. It makes a great table centerpiece and a cute appetiser. My girl Nadine took this photo (no filter, no edit) and I was quite amazed; she used a different angle than I normally do, and it looks fantastic. People with Down Syndrome can be capable of more than you would think.

Cedele Christmas Goodies 2020
Hojicha Matcha Yuzu Block Cake (S$89, serves 8)

This impressively tall cake features 12 alternate layers of soft and fragrant matcha sponge and bold hojicha cream cheese frosting. This hojicha cake is definitely one for tea aficionados. The layer of yuzu curd lifts the cake so well, I wished they had at least two layers of it. 

Cedele Christmas Goodies 2020
Butterscotch Maple Carrot Logcake (S$68)

One of my favourite items here is this special Christmas rendition of Cedele's signature carrot walnut cake. The moist spiced carrot cake has a decadent centre of butterscotch and white chocolate truffle log with toasted walnuts, and is coated with layers of maple-infused cream cheese. Ooooh. It's so rich, but so good.

Cedele Christmas Goodies 2020
Rosemary and Butter Roasted Turkey (S$158, serves 8-10 pax)

Cedele's signature Christmas turkey is slow-roasted for four hours, and basted with butter broth every half hour to keep the meat moist and juicy. The bird is also stuffed with a medley of green apples, apricots, prunes and lemons to give it extra tenderness and sweetness. The turkey comes with a generous portion of spiced cranberry-strawberry sauce, turkey gravy and Christmas couscous salad.

Turkey porridge
And you know what you can do with turkey leftovers? Use the bones for making stock (for that I love using my bright yellow WMF Naturamic pressure cooker, pictured above), and pan-fry the shredded meat with butter, salt and pepper. Add rice to the stock in the pressure cooker, cook for 5-10 minutes, top it off with the meat, and you'll have turkey porridge in a jiffy. 

Cedele Christmas Goodies 2020
Curried Kabocha Squash Gratin (S$38, serves 6 pax)

We thought this was pretty unusual. Sweet Japanese pumpkin layered with russet potato and finished with a red curry coconut sauce. It's topped with curry leaves and toasted shredded coconut. We experimented using half of this with beef mince in a Japanese curry, and it worked a treat.

Cedele Christmas Goodies 2020
Gingerbread Cookies (S$1 tin for S$24; 2 tins for S$45)

These classic cookies are spiced with ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. The 23- year old recipe came from a biscuit tin belonging to Cedele's founder. The tin makes this great for gift-giving. 

Cedele Christmas Goodies 2020

Another fantastic gift idea is the Tea Cookies Collection (1 tin for S$36; 2 tins for S$68).

I really love these cookies, especially the light-as-air French Rose Tea cookies. The Early Grey Tea, Hojicha shortbread and Green Tea Almond shortbread are also pretty addictive.

You can find these and even more wonderful items at Free delivery for orders above S$80, and there is a minimum spend of S$50 per order. Delivery fee (per order, per location) is S$12 from 9am to 9pm, and S$22 for orders before 9am. Surcharge of S$10 applies for deliveries to Tuas, Sentosa, Jurong Shipyard and Jurong Port. 
For the festive period of 23 to 27 Dec 2020, it's free delivery for orders above S$300 with minimum spend of S$100 per order. Delivery fee (per order, per location) is S$25 from 9am to 9pm, and S$45 for orders before 9am. Surcharge of S$20 applies for deliveries to Tuas, Sentosa, Jurong Shipyard and Jurong Port.
Email enquiries to  

Many thanks to Cedele for the festive drop.

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