Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Circles.Life $20 for 20GB: Biggest and Cheapest Data Plan in Singapore

Yes, you've heard. Circles.Life just launched the Data Plus option offer of 20GB for S$20, making it the largest ever no-contract data plan under S$50 available in the market today.

This means up to 26GB for just $48/month!

How does it work?

1. Sign up for the Base Plan (S$28/month) that gives you up to 6GB data (plus 100 mins calls, free WhatsApp bandwidth and caller ID).

2. Add on the Data Plus option (S$20 for 20GB) to top up your data.

3. SURF & BINGE WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS LIKE CRAZY now that you have as much as 26GB per month!

Need a referral code for $20 off registration?


That's the letter I, not the number 1, at the end.

Circles is the largest no-contract plans provider in Singapore, and has been shaking up the market since it launched last year. I've been a happy customer since I found them. See my 12 good reasons to switch to Circles.

A lot of people are making the switch (I know from the referral code usage). The biggest question they have is usually - "What's the coverage like?" My answer: it's decent (based on M1 network), stronger in some places, slower in others. For the price and freedom from contracts, this digital telco is unbeatable.

A Hardwarezone article published on Yahoo compared all the telcos to see which would be the most affordable choice for a mobile phone plus 20GB per month, and it was clear Circles left everyone else in the dust.



  1. Hi Catherine! I'm thinking of changing to Circle.Life and did some research and noticed that you're 2nd on the leaderboard! How did you achieve this? Is it simply by referring people?

    1. Yes, simply by the Force of the referral code OBWAN! Hahaha. No harm switching. No risk because no contract. :)


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