Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Circles.Life Top 5 Leaderboard and Prizes

Whoa, I made it to the Circles.Life Top 5 Leaderboard...but just very briefly. Last month I broke in at no.5 and it was sweet for a few days. Then all throughout January, I've been popping on and off the board. The top 3 guys never change but at the bottom, it's a neck-and-neck race. Interesting.

Well, I never even dreamed I'd make it to the leaderboard but I want to thank everybody who has used my OBWAN referral code. I'm going to give that a rest for now and ask that you use MHPYK instead. Please share it with anyone who needs $20 off the registration fee and loves the power of the Force.

But hey, being on the leaderboard is just pixels on the screen. What's more rewarding is the tangible prizes Circles gives for accumulating bonus data.

Yes, I got my iTunes $20 card and GV Gold Class tickets in the mail today.

Chalking up bonus data is fairly easy with Circles. There are a few ways, like referring your friends.

I particularly like that they reward loyalty: 500 MB each month of Bonus Data will be added every 6 months you stay on the Circles network. This lasts as long as you’re on the network.

My previous providers gave me nothing despite years of staying with them, and tied me to long contracts. And they cost me a lot more!

I now have 23.4GB data (and counting!) on my Circles account for $28 a month. It's almost surreal (and so freeing) how I can binge watch videos and not have to worry about wifi-hunting. Connectivity can sometimes be a bit slow in some areas but at this price and value, it's hard to beat.


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