Monday, October 31, 2016

McDonald's Monopoly Is Back with Bigger Prizes!

McDonald's Monopoly game is coming back Thursday 3 Nov 2016!

Monopoly was my favourite board game growing up, and it was the thing my cousins and I always played when gathering at grandma's.

The McDonald's Monopoly game is good fun too; I can't believe it's been five years since they last held it.

This time there are more ways to play, more chances to win, and even BIGGER prizes than ever! Some lucky people are going to walk away with a brand new Citroën C4 Cactus, OCBC Bank cash prizes worth S$40,000, Nestle Gold Bar sets worth $25,000, and Star Cruises Family Holiday packages worth more than $7,000, and many more prizes!


Citroёn C4 Cactus 1.2 PureTech 

OCBC S$40,000 Cash 
Nestlé Gold Bar Set 
Star Cruises Family Holiday 
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 


Coca-Cola™ Branded Fridge Prize Package 
AirAsia S$3,500 E-Gift Voucher 
SPC S$3,500 Voucher 


3 Ways to Play

From 3 November to 28 December 2016, you will get a Monopoly Game Label with every purchase of an Extra Value Meal.

This year you can play the game at:
- all McDonald’s restaurants including Self-Ordering Kiosks and Drive-Thrus
- McCafé counters
- via McDelivery

Upsized Extra Value Meals and McDelivery Bundle Meals entitle customers to more Game Labels.

Breakfast Extra Value Meal 
Regular Extra Value Meal
McCafé Set Meal 
1 label 
Upsized Extra Value Meal 
2 labels 
McDelivery Bundle Meal @$22.95 
3 labels 
McDelivery Bundle Meal @$32.95 
4 labels 
McDelivery Bundle Meal @$49.95 
7 labels 


3 Ways to Win

That Game Label gives you a chance of win a prize in three different ways:

1. Collect to Win
Customers who collect all property Game Labels within the same colour group as shown on the game board will win the prize corresponding to that colour.

2. Instant Win
For customers who receive an Instant Win Game Label, they can either redeem the prize by presenting it at any McDonald’s restaurant or by following the redemption instructions, indicated on the label, to claim the prize directly from the prize partner’s outlet before the expiry date.

3. Chance Card
Chance Cards enable customers to enter a Weekly Lucky Draw by registering the given code number on by 30 December 2016. Over a period of eight weeks, five winners will be picked each week to win a NETS Flash-Pay card pre-loaded with a value of S$500. There will be a total of 40 winners at the end of the lucky draw.

Registered entries which do not win in a particular week will automatically roll over to the next draw in the following week and finally to the Final Prize Draw on 12 January 2017. Registered entries that have won a Weekly Draw will not be eligible for future draws, including the Final Prize Draw. Fair enough.


“We know that our customers have enjoyed the Monopoly Game at McDonald’s in previous years. This time, we are elevating the thrill of the game by offering customers the chance to win bigger and with more chances to win. Every meal with McDonald’s will bring them closer to winning!” said Yvonne Low, Senior Director of Marketing, McDonald’s Singapore. “More importantly, we are continuously looking for ways to delight our customers – be it by our food or the fun and unique experiences that we have to offer.”

Meal Donation
It's not all about greed and winning. McDonald’s is also partnering with The Food Bank Singapore Ltd to allow customers to donate their meals. Those who wish to donate their meals can simply inform the counter crew when they place their order. Donated meals will be valued at $5.00 each and will be presented to The Food Bank Singapore Ltd in the form of McDonald’s meal vouchers at the end of the promotion.


For more information on Game Play and Terms and Conditions, log on to



  1. But do b aware tt if u upsized n changed d fries to curly fries, u give up 1 winning chance. U r entitled to only 1 game label even though u upsize n paid more for d curly fries. DOes not make sense but is acceptable if customer r informed in d T & C or at point of purchase

  2. Do not change yr order from french fries to curly fries when u upsize McD EVM, u will get 1 not 2 game labels n this is not in d T & C.

    1. Interesting. I did not know that. The counter lady did ask me if I wanted to change to curly fries but I didn't want them, so I never found out. Will ask them next time.


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