Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Floral Garage: How To Build Your Own Terrarium (DIY Kits)

If you've been to the Singapore Garden Festival earlier this year, you may have seen the Terrarium section that's quite enchanting. Maybe it's even inspired some to start building their own terrariums.

Terrarium building is great for curious and creative minds. It is a great activity to introduce to kids and teens. Even for adults, these can be therapeutic. You get a living art installation of your very own, and technically these become your plant pets.

I recently got to try the Premium DIY Terrarium Kit (S$159.90) from Floral Garage Singapore, This is by far the most comprehensive kit I've seen for making your own terrariums. 

It comes in a big box and has everything you need to build two terrariums:

Six plants
Two Glass Jars
One Spray Bottle
Gardening Tools
1.5 kg of Premium Terrarium Mix
1.25 kg of Gravel
250g of Activated Charcoal
Three packets of Decorative Pebbles, 800g each

In fact, there are more than enough plants for two terrariums; you could have enough for other mini pots. 

This is what makes the box heavy - the potting soil, gravel and decorative pebbles, all neatly packaged and labelled. 

The instructions are so sweetly drawn. With everything provided, assembling the terrarium is easy even for total beginners. Let's go through these:

Step 1: Wash the gravel and drain the excess water.

Step 2: Place about half to 1cm of gravel in the glass jars.

See the mini shovel, spade and rake? They come in the kit; they look so cute but are actually useful.

Step 3: Lay a thin layer of activated charcoal.

Step 4: Remove the plant from the pot, loosen the soil and trim the roots to fit the jar. (To be honest, I didn't dare cut off too much!)

Step 5: Place the plants in and backfill with the premium potting mix.

Step 6: Put in the decorative pebbles.

Step 7: Mist the plants.

Yeah they even give you a spray bottle for that. It's such a gentle way of watering your plants. And kids just love spraying water, so you know your plants will be well-taken care of.

So there you have 'em.

Now as you can see, my terrarium design skills are the pits. I am all thumbs (none green) when it comes to gardening. All my plants tend to die. Other people's basil and mint are growing like gangbusters, but mine won't even get the past sapling stage.

But I am so pleased that even after two months, these terrarium plants are still alive and thriving.

Floral Garage also gave me an infographic that explains more about terrariums.


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They also have other gift choices like flower baskets, party packages, party decor, balloons, pinata and party ware.

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Many thanks to Floral Garage for the DIY terrarium experience!

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