Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Halia Launches Halia Provisions - Ginger Goodies for the Home

The Halia is celebrating its 15th anniversary by launching Halia Provisions, a retail line of homemade dressings, jams, condiments and a selection of pastries that are handcrafted for enjoyment at home.

The Halia is named after the Malay word for ginger, referencing the locale of the homegrown brand’s first restaurant within the Ginger Garden of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Since its opening in 2001, The Halia has been known for using modern European cuisine as a canvas for showcasing Asian flavours.

The original Halia-style Chilli Crab Spaghettini for example, celebrates the restaurant’s roots in Singapore, and is immensely popular with tourists and locals alike. In 2008, The Halia expanded to include Villa Halia, a 220-seater events space also located within the Ginger Garden, and the opening of Halia at Raffles Hotel marked yet another milestone for the brand.

I got a set of the lovely products:

1) Ginger Flower Dressing (S$13.50 for 250gms) - a beautifully aromatic dressing for salads, rice, popiah, rojak, whatever you fancy.

2) Ginger Pineapple Jam (S$7.00 for 250gms) - pleasing combination you could possibly use as a relish or dessert topping.

3) Wild Mountain Honey (S$25 for 330gms) hand-harvested from the virgin rainforest of U Minh National Reserve in Southern Vietnam.

4) Halia Infusion (six sachets for S$26) - sundried ginger slices, just a few pieces per sachet but they are pretty strong, so feel free to make your own teh halia!

5) Maldon Salt ($9 for 60gms) - mine are small sample bottles in three flavours: Umami for seaweed infused salt (my fave); Chili & Lemon; Woodland Mushroom. I like how they are all intensely flavoured.

“Halia Provisions has been a project in the making for over two years. The range showcases some of the most popular flavours on our menu, such as the Ginger Flower Dressing and Halia Infusion, as well as homemade desserts such as its Signature Macarons. Guests can now bring a taste of their favourite Asian inspirations home, wherever that may be,” says Esther Wee, Managing Director of The Halia.
These ginger goodies are available now at The Halia's "grab-and-go", located a stone's throw away from Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens.


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