Thursday, January 24, 2013

Creamy Dreamy Durian Kaya Toast at Sedap Corner

Awesome durian kaya toast!

Oh my god, this is so sedaaap! Durian kaya toast. It's really more of a durian custard though, and one that's so smooth and fine, with just the right amount of sweetness and real durian fragrance. You won't be able to stop dipping the toast into it and licking whatever spills onto your fingers. Quite frankly, it'll be hard to resist dipping your fingers in directly!

This was my friend Eunice's recommendation, and it's at Sedap Corner, a little cafe/restaurant at Simpang Bedok.

We asked the boss, Chef Bob, what goes into the making of this tasty treat. It's a mix of D24 and Mao Shan Wang durians, combined into a delicious kaya custard base. They make it fresh every day, and so are able to use less sugar and no preservatives. This means shelf life is really short, but that's no worry, as the whole batch sells out every day.

Chef Bob tells us they did a successful trial run of 2,000 bottles of durian kaya (as wedding favours - he recently got married). So looks like we might be able to one day take home some of this yummy stuff. But I think nothing beats freshly made kaya.

Vietnamese coffee
You can enjoy it some some drinks. They have Vietnamese coffee, among many other drinks.

The biggest chococcino I've seen!
And the biggest Chococcino I have seen!

Sedap Corner is at 282 Bedok Road, inside the Simpang Bedok makan enclave

Check them out at Simpang Bedok. It's a simple but pleasantly decorated cafe offering Asian dishes and Western grill specialties. This is a nice place to chill out too. Very relaxed vibe. Interestingly, they began life in Johor Bahru (where they have many outlets) but started this outlet five years ago. I should come back to try the mains. But the durian kaya toast is definitely a winner in my books.

282 Bedok Road
Singapore 469438
Tel: +65 6445-9987

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  1. Their mains aren't too bad, too. And Chef Bob is a popular celebrity chef, apparently.


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