Sunday, June 10, 2012

Winners of Happyboxes!


Hi guys! I'm back from Sydney!

Here are the winners for the Happybox giveaway! I'm glad to see so many of you actively participating. Thanks much!

The Wine & Dine Happybox goes to Elaine Chang
The Beauty Delights Happybox goes to Natalie Cheang

I'll be in touch to arrange for the Happyboxes to get to you.

Sorry I took a while. Am possibly down with dengue - broke a high fever with aches, chills, drowsiness and all the other symptoms (short of vomitting blood). It's really not fun! But as with all tough things in life, I'm gonna lick this and come out stronger!

1 comment

  1. Hi, I bet you must have an enjoyable trip.

    Thank you for picking me the winner of wine and dine happy box.

    Hope to hear from you soon on the prize collection. :-)

    Elaine Chang


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