Saturday, January 7, 2012

SunnyHills Pineapple Cakes in Singapore

What a festive pack to greet the Year of the Dragon! This box of 20 pineapple cakes is from SunnyHills, a Taiwanese brand.

Last year when I blogged about the SunnyHills Pineapple Cakes, they didn't really have a shop in Singapore yet. Now, they have a prestigious address - Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade.

I asked why they chose such an expensive location to start out. Well, apart from the classy image and upmarket feel, it is also an endorsement for SunnyHills as it is not easy to qualify for the Raffles Hotel address - they have to meet certain branding and hospitality criteria. So far their clientele has been an equal mix of Taiwanese living in Singapore, Japanese and locals. They see lots of corporate clients for special occasions.

If you think Raffles Hotel is grand, well, their next store will be in Omotesando in Tokyo! One of Japan's top architects, Kengo Kuma, will be designing their store. I wish I could see it.

But let's get back to the cakes!

It's as delicious as ever
They are as delicious as I remember - made from pineapples from the Nantou County in Taiwan, using flour from Japan and butter from New Zealand. The crust is so fragrant, and the filling is pleasantly sweet with the right balance of citric tang.

The pineapple cakes are still made in Taiwan and airflown here. Each golden brick is individually packed, and while they seem like large pieces, it's really hard to stop at just one.

A new festive pack for the Year of the Dragon
The packaging for the CNY edition features their four founders doing a dragon dance to usher in the Year Of The Dragon, and wishing all a prosperous new year. Cute.

The good thing is prices have not gone up by much (despite food cost increase - flour and butter especially!).
Box of 10 (about half kg) - S$25 (up from S$23 last year)
Box of 15 (about 750g) - S$37.50
Box of 20 (about 1kg) - S$50

Specials: 10% off on all orders of $200 and above. Free Delivery on all orders of $100 and above.
(Standard delivery fee is $8)

Raffles Hotel Arcade
Unit #03-05
328 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188719
Tel: +65 8522-9605

Thanks to Sunnyhills for sending the pineapple cakes!


  1. "If you think Raffles Hotel is grand, well, their next store will be in Omotesando in Tokyo!"

    Wow, I remember last year walking down Omotesando during the Yosakoi festival (by coincidence), just walk only on the sidewalk cos all the shops can't afford to even go in to window shop :D

    Can't wait to go visit the Raffles Hotel place after coming back to SG though!

  2. Nice, they are finally in Singapore!


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