Monday, January 9, 2012

Philippine Airlines and Askinosie Chocolate

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The Philippines Airlines plane trundled in half an hour late to the gate at Changi Airport. It was a rainy morning, and the plane's fragile-looking windshield wipers waved frantically as though trying to make up for the delay.

It was a simple, small plane for the flight that was just over two hours. No personal video screen, so it was perfect for a snooze.

The inflight meal - fish in white sauce which turned out to be a mild coconut-like curry - was canteen fare, but edible.

There are lots of starving schoolkids in the Philippines who would cry in gratitude if you were to hand them this platter.

I was reading in the inflight magazine how one chocolate maker is helping poor and hungry children in Davao City. No, no, the kids are no eating chocolate!

Shawn Askinosie asked the PTA (parent-teacher association) of a school there to create tableya - tablets of ground roasted cocoa beans used to make hot chocolate. He sells them on his website and sends the entire profit of US$9 back to them. Each tableya makes possible 232 meals!

Askinosie is the first chocolate maker to import cocoa beans from The Philippines. He and the school are working towards funding an entire year of school lunches for all 579 students.

You can help too. Visit to find out more. Buying Davao single-origin chocolate products, the Davao 77% bar and Hey Hey Hazelnut spread also helps.


  1. i hope you enjoy your short trip to Manila :) i love reading your blog and i'm kinda stoked knowing you're here. more power to your blog!

  2. Thanks, Jan! Maybe we should meet up next time! :D

  3. will be happy to meet up next time. the pleasure's all mine :) will be going to singapore on january 19 and i'm gonna try some of your recommendations here. thanks so much for a really wonderful blog!

  4. Did you enjoy your trip to Manila? I hope you had a great time staying in this beautiful country. I look forward to visiting Hong Kong this summer.

    flights to Manila


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