Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year and Good Luck for 2012 !

Happy 2012 and may everyone enjoy some dragon chi in the coming year!

A little Instagram photo I did for yesterday's flash mob new year party #sg2012.
Yeah, IKEA motifs do come in handy!

Here's wishing everyone a fabulous new year with some roaring dragon chi and vigour!

I've stopped making resolutions for a long time. You know how well they work. Every year it is the same recycled wish list.

But I still want to make some changes. For this year, I told myself to make habits instead. It takes three weeks to develop one (doing something consistently every day). So maybe I can have a nice new habit each month. Like sleep early every night. Teach the kids yoga.

And I want to focus. No long laundry lists. No more than three things at at time on the to-do slate. Steve Jobs was the master of focus. Laser beam-like focus! There's no point frittering yourself across too many things. When you pare down and focus on what's truly important, you will likely not only get it done, but do it better.

So then I was very happy to read Zen Habit's new year post, which talks about the same thing, but with lots more tips.

Also, take a look at what it's like to live 100 days without goals. You'd be surprised.

Well, happy first day of the year, and enjoy whatever you are doing!



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