Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Island Escapade

We crash-landed on a tropical island...
PREVIOUSLY on "Sesat" (Malay for "Lost")....we crash-landed on a tropical island.

It was beautiful but we had no idea where where we were
It was beautiful but we had no idea where where we were...

We built some shelters on the beach
We built some shelters on the beach. But all was not well in paradise...

There was a smoke monster...
There was a smoke monster on the island!

A mysterious boat stranded inland far from the sea
So some of us headed farther inland to explore. There was a mysterious boat stranded in the jungle. Carvings on it said "Batu Hitam" or "Black Rock"...

We found a hatch...
And we found a hatch...was there someone down there?

We found supplies of all manner...
Miraculously, we found supplies of all manner...

The Others found us...
And then, the Others found us.

And they gave us food...
They were very nice. Gave us drinks and lots of food.

Temples of relaxation above the sea
And so we spent the rest of our days in the temples of relaxation above the sea, safe from the smoke monster!


All right, that was just for fun. These photos are part of my Telunas Beach Resort trip (take a look to see more of the rustic island life).

You can make your own private island escapade for you and 14 of your friends on the similar Nikoi island (very near Telunas, and much more posh) with Tiger Beer. Take over the entire island for 3D2N with a theme party of your choice and free-flow Tiger Beer! Get to choose between a ‘Beach DJ Party’, a ‘Beach BBQ’ or a ‘Beach Camp Fire Dance’ to be organised during the island getaway. With, I'll say it again, free-flow beer! This holiday is worth S$50,000!

Simply purchase S$30 worth of Tiger Beer and enter the contest on the Tiger Beer Contest Facebook page. Keep your receipt for verification later. CLOSING DATE is 31st May, so hurry!

Tiger Beer Crystal
PARTICIPATING OUTLETS NTUC FairPrice, Carrefour, Shop ‘N’ Save, Giant, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, Prime, 7-Eleven, Cheers and FairPrice Express, selected bars, entertainment outlets and restaurants.

Now all you need is a cool babe!
So, all you need is to gather round your cool babes, and get ready to party! OK, sorry Jolie - promotion is only open for those aged 18 and above!


  1. Oh! for an island getaway right now! I need it so...

  2. Yes, Kenny! Crystal blue waters and Crystal Tiger Beer! Great combi for an island holiday. I feel like one too!

  3. lol! I enjoyed this post so much! Love it.

  4. Thanks, Veron! Guess you must be a fan of LOST too? :P

  5. Very cute and very clever! Thank you for the chuckle!

  6. I believe your daughter was very happy there. I wish to go in a vacation in a place that looks like that. I bet the food the food was yummy. Oferte cazare munte

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