Monday, February 28, 2011

Cute As Buttons!

Look at these beautiful handcrafted buttons! I am so thrilled to discover these from my childhood friend Eileen (way back from primary and secondary school).

What began as a rather innocent conversation on Facebook teasing her about domestic skills led to the revelation that she had started this creative sideline aptly called "Cute As Buttons". My other friend and I were blown away.

These are so pretty, I just have to share them (even though they're not food)! Here are some photos from that Facebook page.

She has various items made from these buttons, like snap clips, bookmarks and lackeys (so that's what those things with elastic thingies are called). Last year she sold these Christmas themed ones.

I really like the way she has carefully placed the fabric to highlight design elements. Takes a good eye to do that.

They would make such wonderful gifts, no? I like the fact that they are not mass produced pieces, but carefully handcrafted pieces that should bring joy to whoever appreciates them.

There's more on the Facebook page, so go take a look. Eileen is based in Australia, but she delivers worldwide and can take Paypal.

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