Thursday, December 2, 2010

TCC - is the menu an upgrade?

Prawn Rendezvous
From Santi, we come to something a little more plebeian. Yes, simple and accessible cafe fare.

I don't frequent the coffee chains, but for the local ones, I have generally preferred TCC to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf somehow. Must be the plush seating (kinder to my rump) than the plastic rattan chairs at the latter.

TCC or "The Coffee Connoisseur" has been rather unnecessarily renamed "The Connoisseur Concerto" (oh why the pretentious mouthful?). The website URL remains the same though, so it looks like the name change is just cosmetic. Whatever their aspirations to artistry, TCC will still be known as TCC. I'm really there for the food. And there were some "new" (well, a few months old by now) items on the menu.

I like the prawns which have been seared and coated with a spicy mix with mustard seeds
The "Prawn Rendezvous" turned out to be a delicious affair. I like the prawns which have been seared and coated with a spicy mix with mustard seeds. I would gladly have this again.

Cheesy Shrooms Gratin
Hubby had the Cheesy Shrooms Gratin, which he liked very much. It was decent - it's hard to go wrong with baked mushrooms with cheese.

Mentaiko spaghetti with salmon tataki
I had the Mentaiko Spaghetti with Salmon Tataki. Sounds promising, but wasn't quite the experience I was looking for. Not much mentaiko, no. And the salmon was cooked through. Should have stuck to their seafood aglio olio which they do quite well.

Gula Ooh-la-la
We also tried the Gula Ooh-la-la, an iced coffee which has gula melaka in it. Nice but too bad the coffee jelly has the consistency of chin chow or grass jelly. I much prefer the chewier version the Japanese do.

In all, the food is not bad, but prices have gone up considerably (along with the artistic theme). Sorry I can't make out the prices on the receipt which has faded far too quickly, but the meal (a salad, two pastas and a drink) cost about S$62 in total.



  1. Hmm, not been to TCC before - maybe for my next trip to S'pore. Plush, comfy seats sound good to my weary rump also!

    And Gula Ooh-la-la? That's gotta be the coolest name I've heard in a fair bit. :D

  2. Thanks for the great review. I'm hungry now. I'll take note and pay a visit when we go there. By the way, I found an exciting iPhone and iPad Application for food lovers like us. It's really fun to have this. Plus they have an ongoing contest that could make you win up to $150. Until next time... Enjoy the food!

  3. I'm nuts for egg dishes and you have touched my imaginative palette with the spaghetti and the gg. I will definitely try it, yum!

  4. besides the renaming, they also brought in aussie coffee chain of Robert Timms @ Wheelock

  5. Nice! Happy holidays to everyone.


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