Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Win a Ben & Jerry's Bike on 17th Dec!

Yes, we all know how coveted the Ben & Jerry iPhone covers are. But wow, this Christmas, they are outdoing themselves! I very nearly flipped when I saw that Ben & Jerry are giving out customised bicycles this year! Flying pigeon bikes - so hip and retro, they hurt!

And you lucky, lucky people! There are two Ben & Jerry bikes up for grabs just by submitting a comment here. Out of 15 "Moolet" ambassador blogs, they will choose two with the most number of individual comments, and award the bikes. Yes, Camemberu is one of these blogs, so all you need to do is tell us in the comment why you deserve this bike. That's it! And yes, now is not the time to use anonymous comments! Give a web URL or email address in your identity, if possible. You have until 31 Dec, 2010!

Of course, no bikes for me, unless I go the other (read harder) route, which is the "tikam" method - exchange four pint lids for an iPhone4 cover on 17th Dec at any Ben & Jerry scoop shop from 12 noon onwards (6pm onwards for the Night Safari outlet).

There are three known designs ("Peace", "Love" and "Ice Cream") and one ultra mystery cover (there's only one at each shop). This mystery Swirlicious cover will also net you that cute bike. Ahh, I waaant. I live right next to the East Coast, you know. Perfect biking zone - and I could fit both my monkeys on that bike. And the 17th is Jolie's birthday, after all...

More details at http://benjerry.com.sg/ or you can read this below (click for larger image).

Happy holidays, everyone! And good luck! I hope someone wins from here!



  1. I think the iphone cover will be more popular! But no problem, I think I will look cool cycling this bike along east coast hahaha

  2. I need a bicycle to ferry myself around to shave precious dollars off the ever-increasing transport fares. The little basket on the bicycle will be handy for me to lug groceries back from marketing trips. With all the exercise I get from riding this cutie around, it will be a breeze shedding off excess weight - so I can free up more space stuffing myself silly with even more Ben & Jerry's heavenly ice-cream! How wonderful life will be!

  3. This bike would be best displayed rather than ride on. If it is being ride on, it should be just for storing Ben & Jerry's and riding it at East Coast and eating Ben & Jerry's only :)

  4. Every other evening, I pick my little boy from school and head to the park for dinner in the park. With the all-in-one bike, we can ride together to the park- dinner in the basket and my little one behind me. Whoopee!

  5. Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle
    I Want To Ride My Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle
    I Want To Ride My Bicycle
    I Want To Ride My Bike
    I Want To Ride My Bicycle
    I Want To Ride It Where I Like

    You Say Black I Say White
    You Say Bark I Say Bite
    You Say Shark I Say Hey Man
    Jaws Was Never My Scene
    And I Don't Like Star Wars
    You Say Rolls I Say Royce
    You Say God Give Me A Choice
    You Say Lord I Say Christ
    I Don't Believe In Peter Pan
    Frankenstein Or Superman
    All I Wanna Do Is ... ride a Ben and Jerry's bicycle!

  6. I wanna put a cow on it and fly it acorss the moon... ET style! After eating all the coolicious B&J ice-creams, I NEED this bike to ride around in to work off the calories... so that I can eat even more! Mooooooowahahahahaha... :o)

  7. I deserve this bike so that i can more conveniently ride to my neighbourhood petrol station instread of driving there to buy even more Ben and Jerry's !

    Also it would be a great excuse to tell my wife that my years of faithfully eating Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey have paid off.
    It would also be great that now with such a cool set of wheels, i can save petrol, the environment and ENJOY FABULOUS ICE CREAM, all at the same time!

  8. I want this bike because my 3years secret admirer loves to collect different types of bike. If I own this bike, he probably will take some glance at me because of my cute bike. *wind comes and my hair gets blown.

  9. this bike is real cute. hope to it will become my coming birthday present

    by lin

  10. I deserve this bicycle simply because I am Ben & Jerry's numero uno fan!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh my... I can so see myself peddling it in the Botanic Gardens, packed with picnic goodies in the front, and heck, I'll throw in an ice-box on the back and bring some Dublin Mudslide to share ;)

  12. I deserve to win this bicycle is because i am a huge fan of Ben & Jerry! I have many of their collectibles and this will add on to my collection.

    I will tweet, facebook, blog, IM about it if i win the bicycle to share my joy with my family and friends and everyone else in Singapore that Ben & Jerry is so generous!

    I deserve to win so that i can cycle around Singapore to spread the love of Ben & Jerry! :D

  13. This bike is so retro. I am thinking how to juggle 2Adult+4kids
    (aka HoChiMinh style).

    - Two boys behind
    - little girl in basket
    - mount extra seat in the middle for 3rd boy
    - Mummy seat 45degree
    - Daddy need to build some calf muscles!

    If we win bike, we can peddle "Ice cream" "Ice cream" , chocolate, strawberry or vanilla :p
    (maybe rename our blog from sengkangbabies.blogspot.com to sengkangAcrobats ).

    thanks Catherine and B&J for this ineteresting promo !

  14. I deserve the bike so I can indulge and yet not bulge!

  15. I love Ben and Jerry's


    I really do...

  16. Ben& Jerry's Rocks!!!!
    This bike is absolutely retro and funky!
    Please let me have it!


  17. The Ben & Jerry's bicycle will be good for my parent. i do not know how to cycle. However, my father can always bring my mother on a good ride using the cool looking bike!


    Kinda fell in love with ben&jerry's after being attracted to its cow mascot, I love cows and my friends even call me karmy the cow! B&J is also our choice whenever we buy a tub and sit somewhere to chat! So since we stay out late, the bicycle would be really a good thing for me if I need to go home late! :)

    Ohgosh i really really want the bicycle! :) (and ice cream now, since the sun is so hot!)

    thank you for this contest!

    karmen! (cowsandkarmen@gmail.com)

  19. Wow! what a cute bike from Ben&Jerry. Since I started college this fall, I have been riding the bus and shuttle everywhere throughout town from my off-campus dorm to school and to the store(to get strawberry shortcake b&j). And those things(buses) take forever to get to my destination. It would be nice to get this cute bike as a x-mas gift so next semester I can actually have my own transportation. I won't ever have to ride those public buses anymore. Not just that, but I can show off this cute bike to all those other students who own a bike but not one that is as cute.
    P.S. Let this poor college girl have a reliable transportation please...so she won't be late to class.


  20. I want this bike so badly !!! Will look nice to be able to cycle in such a special bike .. i have plans for uses of the bike which is to cycle to and from school .. of course i could use it to cycle to nearby places near my home .. best of all .. it can reduce my carbon footprint !!! Environmental Friendly is the way to go for now :) plus can keep fit and healthy at virtually no cost :)


  21. Never had the motivation to learn to cycle properly, never learn to swim properly. Can't not play sports, can do nothing.
    This may be a good motivation for me to start learning something simple that everyone can do but yet I can't.
    I Want This bike!


  22. I need the bike for exercise because I've gotten so fat from eating Ben&Jerry everyday!

    that's how yummy they are!


  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Woohooo, i want that bike....:P

    I can wrap it up with a blue bow and present it to my dad whom can cycle around the HDB estates and exercise at the same time or ride those exhausting PCN routes in our estate and maybe can show the grandchildren in future too...

    James Pam

  25. I would like the bike so I can help raise money for charity.


  26. I really hope to win this cute bike for my youngest brother, who had finished his PSLE this year and obtained good grades! I feel that he totally deserved it and he had really work hard for those grades. And cycling is one of his favourite hobby! I hope I can win this for him!


  27. kahlan1003 (kahlan1003@yahoo.com.sg)December 17, 2010 at 5:27 PM

    bicycle, i have always wanted one. Ben and Jerry i' ve always try to resist eating too much scoops. Why cause i put on weight. Now shamelessly i say aloud, if Ben & Jerry gave me a bike, i can then cycle more and i can then eat more Ben & Jerry he he. .

  28. i want this bike because having such a cute bike will give my sister motivation to learn how to cycle!


  29. l ♡ that hippy B&J bicycle!! need it…
    1. to reduce my carbon footprint!
    2. to use the energy from all the B&J ice cream i eat!
    3. to get to my favourite B&J scoopshop at Vivo!
    4. to put all my B&J ice cream pints in one basket!
    5. to spread the love, peace and B&J icecream! ❤

    Sue Z

  30. The Bicycle is totally stunning, dont you think so ?

    HAHA! Its a very nice usage if i use it put pints of B&J Icecream and deliver it to my friends house during midnight & Surprise them :D

    i can’t for this to happen, wow.

    btw have been supporting B&J for years! Rock onnn!
    let me win because my friends believe i cant win ): i got to prove to them that this is real and b&j love me too! ):


  31. Because ...
    I am cow
    Hear me MOO
    I weigh twice as much as you
    And I look good on a BBQ!
    Yoghurt, Curd, Cream Cheese and Butter
    Made from liquids from my Udders
    I am cow
    I am cow
    Hear me MOO ♫~

    Don't you agree that a cow should be riding the B&J bike? MOO.

    AND! I can store my millions of pints of CHOCOLATE FUDGE BROWNIE ice cream in the front basket of the bike!


  32. I definitely deserve to win this customized Ben & Jerry’s Bicycle because I am a loyal supporter of Ben & Jerry's ice-cream(ooh yummy~~!) and I can cycle to work if I win this giveaway! :)


  33. I would love to win this ultra cute Ben & Jerry’s bicycle for my younger sister actually. She has been learning how to ride a bicycle for quite some time and it’s time for her to own 1 for herself. It would be a great Christmas gift and it’s also to reward her for her hard work :)

    Thank you.


  34. I'm trying to win this bike for my girl as an anniversary present.
    Here's why she deserves it (apart from the fact that she's a huge B&J's fan!).

    Because I've known her for three of the best years in my life.
    Because she remembers everything I say (even when it's 90% nonsense).
    Because she cracks me up whenever I'm feeling down.
    Because she still leaves crumbs on her face when she eats.
    Because of all the nights she stayed up to take care of me when I was sick.
    Because I know she kept the very first bouquet I gave her.
    Because she never compared me to anyone else.
    Because she makes the best cookies.
    Because she still wants to go to McDonalds once a week.
    Because she doesn't ever tell me how much my presents cost.
    Because I don't tell her “I love you” as often as I should.
    Because it's our anniversary.
    Because if she doesn't deserve this bike, who does?


  35. I am a great fan of B&J so i deserve to win it!!!!!

  36. apache(apache_apache88@yahoo.com.sg)December 28, 2010 at 12:49 PM

    I am a great fan of B&J so i deserve to win it!!!!!

  37. My lil sister has been asking me for a bicycle because she really really loves cycling and I could not afford to buy her a brand new one for Christmas. If I win this Ben & Jerry’s bicycle, I can give it to my sister as a gift!

    Thank you CAMEMBERU and Ben & Jerry! :)

    cin_gi @ hotmail . com

  38. I deserve to win this beauty because I have not rode a bicycle for the past 20 years! I used to love cycling when I was a kid but my one and only bicycle was thrown away when we moved house. Er, and moreover, I grew lazier as time passed and has totally stop any form of exercise! My big fat bum is just as lazy as me! I want to go cycling again please!!!!

    So you see, that is why I really need to WIN this bicycle home! :)


  39. I love Ben & Jerry's ice-cream! I buy Ben & Jerry's ice-cream pints probably almost every month. Usually I buy at least 4 pints, for my family too. I love having A Cookie Affair, Cookies and Cream, my parents love nutty flavours like Macademia, my brother loves Chocolatey flavours. I still remembered that time when Ben & Jerry first came to Sinagpore. Ben & Jerry are always unique, always coming up with unique flavours or names, they are of course nice though, events, promotions, looking forward to more of Ben & Jerry. I love this bicycle, I'll ride this bicycle to the nearest convenience stores like 7-11 to purchase Ben & Jerry's ice-cream in the future, able to advertise, fast (for fear of melt), convenient, able to exercise too. Mooooo


  40. I deserve to win this bike because greed is the new colour! Every meal should be an adventure right?

    le0da (at) hotmail dot com.

  41. I deserve to win this awesome customized bicycle from Ben & Jerry because it’s Ben & Jerry’s fault for producing such delicious ice-cream and I could not resist myself from not eating them twice a week! I have put on weight and I am still putting on, hahaa! This is why I NEED to win this brand new bike for the brand new year! If I do win, I will make sure I cycle at least 30 minutes everyday so I can lose some weight and look and feel good for the new year!

    Of course, I will still eat my favorite Ben & Jerry ice-cream :)



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