Monday, September 1, 2008

Pasta & Grill at Sunset Way

Fried pork cutlet with ham and cheese (S$8)

The other day we happened to be near Sunset Way, so hubby and I took a look at the restaurants that have sprung up near the area. However, Grillout was not open and nothing else caught our fancy, so we ended up at the large food court at Block 109 . Oh well, why not eat simple? The pasta & grill stall looked interesting.

Hubby had the pork cutlet stuffed sinfully with ham and cheese (S$8). I guess you can call this a 'low-carb' ham & cheese sandwich! But it certainly ain't low-fat! Portion is huge with fries, coleslaw, and the de rigeuer baked beans so often included in hawker style Western dishes.

Chicken chop with German sausage on hotplate set (S$10.50)
I preferred my own selection of chicken chop with German sausage on hotplate (S$10.50). I think it's some mushroom sauce on top. Didn't care for the sick-looking baked potato or the limp vegetables but the chicken chop and the sausage (not the generic variety) were not bad.

Pasta & Grill food stall at Blk 109 Clementi Street 11
Prices rather on the high side, but at least portions and ingredients are decent. Still, not something to travel for, but might to OK to have if you live nearby. I notice it's quite popular with the residents here.

Block 107 Food Court
Clementi Street 11, near Sunset Way
(correct me if I'm wrong about the Block number)


  1. That's quite okay, actually. Sometimes you get high prices and lousy portions and quality. Even worse! :P

  2. hey there =) i think it's blk 107 =)

  3. Kenny: yeah, that's the worst!

    Jasmine: ah, thank you for the block number!

  4. lol! grillout not open then have "pasta and grill" haha!

    yeah prices look steep for coffee shop western meal. i tried the fishhead steamboat (in the same coffee shop) before. My mom like it but i find it normal.

  5. This looks like a franchise from the one at Long House, Thomson Road.

    From the look of the picture, it does somewhat looked smilar.

    Pricing is almost the same too.

    Yours truly - A Food Frenzy

  6. Nope, its' block 108. BTW the stall is no operating. I run a business nearby and I must admit I actually like it enough to have average 3 times a week. Their menu a little different and a little atas than your average hawker western. Another Western food operator is now running it, your usual hawker western : (

  7. Thanks, Frankie. Such a pity, food stalls come and go so quickly!


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