Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Homemade cereal prawns

Homemade cereal prawns!
Some dishes I don't even dare think about making at home, because they just SEEM too difficult to replicate. Cereal prawns, for instance. But boy, am I wrong! All you need to do is
1. Clean and devein prawns, trim the whiskers/front part of heads.
2. Deepfry the suckers until the shells are crisp (I love eating the shells!).
3. In a separate frying pan, heat 50g of butter, and fry a handful of curry leaves and sliced chili padi (2-5 is sufficient).
4. Toss in some cereal mix (ready made packs available; or prepare your own).
5. Watch the cereal miraculously transform your lake of oil into a dry Sahara field of flakes, and toss in your prawns. Mix well for a bit and serve hot. THAT'S IT!

Now I never need to order this outside ever again. If you buy S$5-6 worth of prawns, you can make what would cost easily S$20 outside. And at home, you can at least make it less oily if you prefer.


  1. Oooo... how very sinful *drools*

  2. Welldone; have always wanted to try but worried on the butter soaked cereal being too oily.

  3. Looks delicious! And yes this is actually very easy to make. :)

  4. Oh...i can smell the fragrance from here...;p

  5. haha u forgot the huge tub of oil that will go to waste..unless u got alot of frying to do!

  6. my stomach just growled when my eyes saw the prawns.

    *pai seh* hehe...

  7. Such good food is meant to be shared... with as many friends and family as possible! Er, got such thing as Potluck Prawns ar? :P

  8. I wonder if I can find those ceral packs in the States.

  9. i love this dish! i should look for the ready made mix :)


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