Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sony's World's Highest Resolution Full Frame DSLR!

Alpha 900_black 3
Food bloggers are often asked which camera they use. We also often know what fellow bloggers use for their drool-inducing photos. Whenever we gather to eat, some discussion regarding cameras is bound to pop up. Photography, as much as food, is critical to our blogs. In fact, photography probably reigns supreme, as appetite often has to take a backseat at mealtimes. We even risk food getting cold, while we do our little photoshoot!

So yes, we love cameras. And I count myself lucky to have gotten a sneak preview of the Sony Alpha 900 today. This is one of the most anticipated cameras in recent years. It's a 35mm full-frame DSLR offering a mind-boggling 24.6 megapixels - the highest resolution in the world! That's more megapixels than I know what to do with!

Megapixels alone, of course, aren't everything. Fortunately, there's lots more going in Sony's flagship DSLR camera. Dual BIONZ image processors improve photo quality and speed. They've also enabled in-body image stabilisation (SteadyShot INSIDE), a first for a full-frame camera despite the heavier sensor. This users to enjoy sharp images with wide angle and large aperture lenses, for which in-lens stabilisation is traditionally a challenge. Check out more details in DPreview and a full user review in Imaging Resource.

Sony launches the A900 in Singapore today

I only tested the camera for a few precious seconds, so I don't have a full review, nor sample photos to show. But initial impressions - I like the solid build, the powerful 5fps burst, clarity of the 3" LCD, and most of all, the roomy 100% optical viewfinder. It is amazingly clear, and I could see vivid changes in depth of view as I bounced the autofocus around different subjects. Makes my entry-level Canon 400D seem like a toy!

We heard professionals giving their testimonials too. Fashion and celebrities' photographer Mark Law endorsed the quality of photos, ease of use and portability. He said it was a very good package, in all. Only thing he would like to see improved is the speed of the interface, but he says it's not that slow that general users would notice.

Julian W, a nature and wildlife photographer, loves the ultra high resolution (nifty for stockphotos). He also praised the Intelligence Preview function which allows you to set and fine tune image settings (white balance, exposure, etc) in advance, using a preview image.

For all the features, I was expecting a pretty hefty price tag, aimed more at professionals. So I was surprised to hear that it would be below S$4,500! Looks like this camera is targeted at enthusiasts as well. And you won't have to wait long. Sony estimates the Alpha 900 will be available in early October in Singapore.


  1. wow, nice to go to the Sony event. They didn't sponsor you one of the alpha 900 to take more excellent photos? : P

  2. haha, well, review models are available but if I tried one of theirs, I think I will never use my Canon again! :P

  3. What happen to your Canon EOS? Care to share your bad experience?

  4. Fen: it's not that Canon EOS is a bad experience. It's just that the Sony A900 has that gorgeous, roomy viewfinder - FULL FRAME!!! You just have to see it to know what I mean.

    Going back to a tiny, cropped viewfinder is just...hmm. Like going from a Mac to a PC. A bit painful.

    My Canon's lighter though, I think.

    Sorry I forgot to reply earlier. Sometimes I miss a few comments here and there.

  5. I see, my daddy is a prosumer (Panasonic, FZ50) and dSLR (Olympus, E330) user so every now and then I will hear him talking about cameras...

    Understand the feeling of using the viewfinder, tat's why one of the must-have feature of dSLR, at least from his perspective, is live view A and tiltable screen, which so far, only the Olympus E330 and Sony A300/350 have it.

    Think I must go and have a look at the Sony A900, he was thinking of changing the camera since Olympus E330 is not equipped with IS, very big handicapped...

    P.S. No worries about the late reply, I understand your blog is pretty popular so it takes time...

  6. Ah, I guess your dad's the expert then. Would be interesting to see what he thinks of the A900.


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