Monday, October 15, 2007

Dim Sum at Restoran Fock Yen

What better breakfast on a lazy weekend than dim sum? We always go to this place that hand-makes all its dim sum items and buns (see entry on char siew bun earlier). They make great char siew items - the meat is not too fatty, the sauce is simply gorgeous and you can never get enough with just a few bites. Look at how thin the skin is on these fried yam balls and how generous the filling!

This place does really good siew mai too. Again, the good mixture of lean and fatty pork ensures you don't get satiated too quickly. The chef apparently trained at five-star hotels in Singapore and Malaysia before starting his own restaurant here. His kids help out.

Crystal skin dumplings, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

A lot of casual dim sum restaurants in Malaysia are pretty shoddy with their "art work" - stuff is hastily done and shows. The dim sum here looks quite pretty by comparison - every fold nicely executed and no tearing of the skin during steaming or handling.

I love chicken feet, especially those that are deep-fried first before the sauce is added for steaming. The ones here are OK, not the very best but decent.

This restaurant has more variety in its dim sum than others I have known in my hometown. Prices are reasonable too - our meal for three persons, of about ten items with coffee and Chinese tea cost around RM28 (S$12 or US$7).

This is what the frontage looks like. Ambience-wise, a little bit rough and ready - so don't expect frills. No airconditioning either but the ceiling fans are powerful enough. Packed on weekends, so go early!

48, Jalan Kundang 3
Taman Bukit Pasir
Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia
(opposite a large officious-looking building)


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