Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ajisen BP kicks ass, unlike in SG!

Spicy ramen, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Surprise, surprise! Ajisen that tastes pretty good! In Batu Pahat (BP) of all places! Normally I avoid this chain like the plague, in Singapore, but I gave this one a chance since I was amused to see it open in my small little hometown (according to this other blog, it may be the first branch in Malaysia!). I was actually a bit wary but the experience stunned me. Ajisen tastes better in this little town than in a big city! Service too, was extra attentive. Thumbs up!

Chicken teriyaki ramen (dry), originally uploaded by Camemberu.

There are a couple dishes that I've not seen in the Singapore outlets (then again, I haven't been to those in ages). The chicken teriyaki dry-style ramen was surprisingly good.

Tofu with sesame dressing, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Also not seen before is this cold tofu with sesame dressing. We thought Nadine might like this, since tofu is her favourite, but she didn't take to it. Maybe not a fan of sesame.

A pity I didn't take more photos. The restaurant itself is beautifully furnished, with dark wood, incandescent lighting. Way better ambience than those in Singapore. Ajisen here even has those plastic food models displayed nicely outside the premises (like Japanese restaurants do). Ramen prices average about RM13 (S$5.60 or US$3.25) per bowl. Pricey in Malaysian terms (where a noodle meal can be had for just RM2-3) but a good deal for those converting from S$ or US$.

70-71 Jalan Jelawat
Taman Banang
Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia



  1. Maybe you are right. I have just recently went to Ajisen at Funan Centre, and the soup dosen't taste
    as nice as the time when Ajisen opened it's first shop at Bugis Junction.
    I think the more shops they opened, their standards drop tremendously.

  2. the same goes for the HK cafes in Singapore. The quality and presentation of the food here are quite bad compared to those in Malaysia that I've tried.

    I reckon it has got to do with the amount of heart they put into when preparing the dishes.

  3. Sinkee is not a food paradise, period.

  4. Ramensan - Ajisen sucks in Singapore. I've also tried it in HK and it's WAY better there too.

    Foody - I've been avoiding all these HK-style cafes in Singapore, it all looks terribly unappealing to me. So even this is better in Malaysia? Agree about putting your heart into preparing the dishes.

  5. the sesame tofu is in sg.
    I just ate it not long ago, but as nice as I expected though.

  6. I just went to Ajisen IMM last weekend, the dishes very salty.

    Didn't know there was Ajisen in Malaysia though, and of all place in Batu Pahat, i tot it will be in KL. Surprise surprise

  7. wow... ajisen in BP?! i'll definitely visit soon.

    i've gotta admit i do like the texture of the noodles but the taste over at certain outlets leaves much to be desired.


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