Thursday, August 17, 2023

Crystal of the Sea - Add Seafood Umami and Nutrients to Your Meal

If you're thinking of enriching your meals with not just flavour but additional nutrients like Omega-3 (DHA), calcium and protein that are essential for brain and bone development, these powdered anchovies, shrimp, scallop and seaweed might be a convenient option. 

Produced in Indonesia, Crystal of the Sea is certified by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), HACCP and other bodies in Japan, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

The fish is sourced from Indonesia and is dehydrated rather than baked. Lower temperature preserves more nutrients. The products include White Anchovy, Brown Anchovy, Shrimp, Scallop and Seaweed powders, and dried anchovies. They are ready to eat (but note that the anchovies can be pretty salty, so best throw them in a soup or porridge!)

Crystal of the Sea operates as a fully integrated factory, so they have full control and oversight of every process from catching, manufacturing, bottling, sealing and storing to ensure quality. They have had customers in Japan since 1988. 

The Seaweed Powder is interesting because it's high in folic acid, and that's good news for pregnant ladies. The Shrimp Powder is high in Vitamin B6, while the Scallop is high in iron. The anchovies are high in calcium and DHA. 

Tastewise, they don't overwhelm the dish. There is no fishy flavour. Add them to soups and stirfries, whatever you can imagine using an umami hit.  

Crystal of the Sea is available on 

Many thanks to Lindy for sending me the samples. 

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