Friday, January 14, 2022

The Durian Bakery: Best Durian Cake Delivery in Singapore

The Durian Bakery is a local online bakery dedicated to all things durian, and these are absolutely a wonder to behold. These are made with 100% Grade A Mao Shan Wang (MSW) durians from Pahang, and freshly baked with no preservatives. The durians are made into signature MSW SilkyGold™ Durian Puree – dense, creamy and delicious.

I recently picked three of my favourite kinds to try and here's how they went.

Durian Bakery is Da bomb!

Mao Shan Wang (MSW) Durian Mille Crepe Cake 8″ (Signature) S$88

I love how they designed the packaging to be gleaming gold mirror laminate inside. All this reflecting shine makes you feel like you opened up a treasure box!

Plus, every one of the boxes smells like heavenly durian when you open up the lid. Now just look at this. Isn't it just gorgeous?


Durian Bakery is Da bomb!

I love mille crepe cakes and this one is simply indulgent. You get 20 handmade pieces of crepe layered generously with sweet cream. In the middle are five layers of 100% durian puree, a signature blend that's creamy and thick. Each mouthful is utterly decadent, and deserves to be savoured slowly. No conversation, just zen enjoyment. You can talk later about how good it is.

Durian Bakery is Da bomb!

Super Burst MSW Giant Puff (8 pcs) S$44.90

Durian puffs on steroids! These airy choux pastry are filled with pure MSW puree, and it's a LOT of delicious durian. Each puff weighs between 105g to 125g. Because they looked so huge, I tried to share one but ended up eating the whole thing because it was just so addicting. My girl Nadine ate two at one go. It's impossible to stop. You have been warned. 

Durian Bakery is Da bomb!

Each puff is 8cm in diameter. Here's one for size reference.

By the way, there are bundle deals if you want to get multiple items. I got the mille crepe cake and durian puffs at this Premium MSW Bundle (S$132.90) which saves you S$25.90 and comes with handy accessories (1 metal knife, box of 10 gold candles and 1 golden Happy Birthday topper). 

Durian Bakery is Da bomb!

Classic Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake 6″ (People’s Choice) S$68

Light and fluffy vanilla sponge, inlaid with a thick MSW core!

The cake is topped with fresh Hokkaido whipped cream and unsweetened white chocolate for extra texture. This is around 600g and is good for eight slices.

Durian Bakery is Da bomb!

This is probably the simplest way to enjoy a good durian cake. It's not too sweet and has just enough durian and whipped cream to go with the vanilla sponge.

Honestly, we were all pretty impressed. I shared all these with various people to test opinions, and everyone liked them, including people who weren't fond of durian! It's hard to pick a favourite as they were all good in different ways. 

Delivery is available daily island-wide throughout Singapore, except for restricted zones such as restricted airlines, cargo area, military premises and etc. For orders $90 and above, free shipping will automatically be applied during check out.

$18.50 flat rate delivery fee.
Pre-order same day 30 mins in advance.

Delivery: Monday to Sunday
10AM to 10PM (last order 5:30PM)

Alternatively, you can pick up from this location:
The Commerze @ Irving #02-26 369546 

Self-collection: Monday to Friday
10AM to 6PM (last order 2PM)

Many thanks to The Durian Bakery for the experience!

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