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PartyDiva.Co SG55 National Day Mini Buffet Party Catering / Delivery

National Day 2020 is going to be so different this year. For the first time, the NDP will be brought to everyone not just at the Padang or Marina Bay, but wherever you are on the island. We are all celebrating together (safely) at home as we get together to enjoy the company of our family and loved ones. And it doesn't have to feel scaled down when you can have a party of your own with all the trimmings! 


Organising a party can involve quite a bit of effort though. You can either source for your own food, beverages and decorations from various vendors, or you can find someone to do it all for you. For my SG55 dinner party, PartyDiva.Co was just the perfect partner in celebration.  PartyDiva.Co is a curated and collaborative marketplace for Gifting, Events and Party Planning. 

If you have a celebration to put together, they have all the choices you need from F&B, entertainment, experiences to gifts and decoration. The best thing is you can lay all your worries to rest with their team of experienced event planners and strict vendor quality review process who will go the extra mile to ensure your party is a success. Unlike open e-marketplaces, their vendors are meticulously screened for quality, reliability and professionalism so customers can manage their own celebrations with unparalleled confidence and peace of mind.


This National Day,  PartyDiva.Co  partnered with local homegrown F&B vendors to offer thematic selections specially designed for NDP SG55.

You can pick and choose options like:

  • Fresh-made gourmet meals from AMICI Catering (S$108+)
  • A savoury 8-inch Nasi Lemak “Cake” from Nasi Lemak Indulgence (S$132)
  • Artfully designed traditional snacks from Kueh Ho Jiak (S$37.50)
  • Limited edition Nana Sling cocktails from Three Wisemen (S$90)
  • Limited edition blooming tea featuring one of their bestsellers, “My Fair Lady” from Pétale Tea (S$65)
  • Limited-edition Party Bundle from PartyDiva.Co (S$100) comprising their National Day themed bunting, cupcake stand, cake and food toppers

Here's a look at all the items individually. 


AMICI selections

You can pick from a variety of selections for the mini-buffet ($108+). It looks like an East Meets West encounter with over 15 dish choices featuring Asian, Western and Indian menu items. We chose the following dishes and were completely surprised at the portions. This alone could feed 10 people! This comes with a complete utensil sets (including tongs). 

PartyDiva SG55 Festive Celebration at Home 

FARM: Chettinadu Chicken Masala, soaked in an absolutely decadent curry. Quite tasty, but go easy as it's very, very filling. Despite how it looks, it’s not too spicy so it's definitely fine for younger kids or for those who can't take the chili heat. 

  PartyDiva SG55 Festive Celebration at Home 

OCEAN CATCH: Cereal oat fish fillet. Generous chunks of fish and cereal. I have to say this was a bit dry but at least not swimming in grease.

  PartyDiva SG55 Festive Celebration at Home 

GARDEN GREEN: Okra Do Piaza. My token greens are not very token or green. It's a huge serving of okra or otherwise known, lady's fingers. This dish is also known as Bhindi do pyaza (bhindi/okra with twice the onions/pyaza). It's cooked with lots of onions and spices, but again, this isn't anything spicyas this version seems to involve a lot of tomatoes.

  PartyDiva SG55 Festive Celebration at Home

CARBO: Garlic Fried Rice with Chicken Floss and Spring Onion. Good base carbs to go with all the dishes. They gave two boxes of this!

PartyDiva SG55 Festive Celebration at Home

SIDE DISH: Roasted Mushrooms with Caramelised Onions. Oooh I could almost say this was my surprise favourite! The chunky mushrooms are so flavoursome.


PartyDiva SG55 Festive Celebration at Home 

DESSERT: Raspberry Rose Lychee Cake. This gourmet meal comes with a complimentary 6-inch cake with real lychee fruit. I swear there's probably more icing than cake in this, so good news to those who love thicc creamy cakes. 


  PartyDiva SG55 Festive Celebration at Home 

This 8-inch Nasi Lemak Cake ($132) is a show-stopper. For National Day, this special-edition Nasi Lemak Cake puts together a symphony of flavours that acts as a celebratory gesture towards the racial diversity in Singapore: Fried Shrimp Paste Chicken Wings (Chinese), Blue Pea Rice (Peranakan), Papadum (Indian) and Sambal Goreng Tempeh, Anchovies and Peanuts in Kicap Manis (Malay). Haha, I don't know where the Eurasians are. Maybe the quail eggs circling the chickens?

  PartyDiva SG55 Festive Celebration at Home 

Cut into the cake and you'll see thick layers of Muar Otak and omelette sandwiched between the rice. The Nasi Lemak Cake is not only a conversational piece, but also a delight to devour as well. We really liked the anchovies, otak and sambal (omg, need more). The founder of Nasi Lemak Indulgence hails from a small town in Malaysia, so she knows her nasi lemak well. Sedap! 


  PartyDiva SG55 Festive Celebration at Home

A celebratory platter of red and white kuehs ($37.50) representing the Singapore flag, comprising 6 mini png kuehs (rice cake), 5 heart-shaped kueh lapis and 4 Merlion-embossed ang ku kuehs (with grated coconut fillings). The kuehs are fully vegan, made with less sugar and salt, with no additional preservatives or artificial colouring.




PartyDiva SG55 Festive Celebration at Home

Nana Sling is a seasonal Summer cocktail that requires 5 days to make. It's unmistakably tropical and features a heady mix of Brugal Rum infused with banana leaves, Cointreau, lemon juice, homemade orange blossom water, and pomegranate syrup. It's packaged as a set of five 120ml bottles that looks good enough for keepsake. Pour over ice and enjoy.


PartyDiva SG55 Festive Celebration at Home 

Blooming teas are so pretty. This is an assortment of six tea balls, including their special edition zesty pineapple-infused “My Fair Lady” blooming tea, and a set of heat-resistant tea glasses ($65). The pineapple scent really shines through. The other five best-selling tea balls in this gift set are Tuscan Sun, Yellow Meadow, Surprise Bloom, Vanilla Fields and Mango Boulevard.


Photo courtesy of PartyDiva 

Photo courtesy of

Finally, spruce up your feast with PartDiva.Co’s limited-edition decoratives in celebration of Singapore's National Day! The $100 bundle comprises 

1) 1 x Cupcake stand
2) 1 x Cake Topper (suitable for 8" - 12" diameter cakes.)
3) 12 x Food Toppers ( 12 pcs)
4) 1 x Bunting

They are all super cute with Singlish slangs such as “Relax Lah” and “Shiok Ah!” that are close to our hearts, making this celebration a truly Singaporean one. We loved the cupcake stand the most. It's printed on sturdy foamboard and looks like it can last a while, so you can keep re-using this for any event or celebration to come.

PartyDiva SG55 Festive Celebration at Home

These are the DIY pieces you assemble. 


PartyDiva SG55 Festive Celebration at Home

That's the finished stand. The "Let's Makan" top is removable, so you can place the Rose Lychee cake there too. 

Stickers from VBooth!

It doesn't just stop at physical decor. Spread the fun and take thematic photos with PartyDiva.Co's vBooth(! It is a virtual photobooth designed exclusively by PartyDiva.Co to share with your friends! Just use your phone, click on the stickers set, and allow website access to the camera. Et voila!  


The items are now available for pre-order on

All the vendors participating in this sponsorship are homegrown brands, which makes #supportlocal especially meaningful during this National Day!


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Many thanks to PartyDiva.Co for the preview

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