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GIVEAWAY! Morganfield's Singapore: Baby Back Ribs vs Spare Ribs

Baby back ribs, spare ribs and St Louis style ribs. Many of us have enjoyed these different ribs without really knowing the difference. I've heard that some people even think that baby back ribs come from baby pigs! It could be this guy's fault...

But anyway, we had an interesting session at Morganfields where the chef gave us a quick anatomy lesson, carving up the different ribs and meat, and then putting it all back again like a 3D jigsaw puzzle.

Spine ribs comes from where the spine of the pig. It's mainly bones and not much meat, so this cut is usually used in Chinese cooking for making soups and broths.

Baby back ribs are the upper ribs, between the spine and spareribs. They are called baby back ribs, because they are smaller than spareribs. As these are cut from the loin of the pig, they have less fat content, so they are leaner and less juicy.

Spare ribs are cut from the belly of the pig. As we all know, the belly is where magic happens (think bacon and otoro). Spare ribs are meatier, fattier and have more connective tissue compared to baby back ribs.

Isn't it just beautiful?

Rib bones have a lot more connective tissue, fat, and cartilage than other muscle groups. This also means one thing - lots of collagen!

The best way to cook ribs is to go low and slow with the heat. When heated slowly, the rubber band-like connective tissues have time to relax and do not squeeze tightly. The connective tissue liquefies into gelatin.

The popular St. Louis-style spare ribs are achieved by cutting away the rib tips, which are the hard breastbone and chewy cartilage. Oh lord, those are the best parts - I love cartilage.

Luckily, for their signature Sticky Bones, Morganfields does not cut away the ribs tips as they are the most flavourful of rib meats, since they are closer to the belly and more heavily marbled! The spare ribs are sourced directly from Spain.

Morganfields is celebrating its fifth year already. They serve up more than 150,000 pounds of Sticky Bones annually. There are now five sauces to choose from: Hickory BBQ, Smoked Peppercorn, Garlic BBQ or Spicy Asian BBQ, and the latest Kansas Sweet (shown above).

For the fifth anniversary, they are introducing Baby Back Ribs for a limited time as well. Diners can try Baby Back Ribs (Full Slab: S$32.90) made with the leaner pork loin ribs.

Can’t decide to have baby back or spare ribs? Take both. Indulge in half
a slab of Sticky Bones Spare Ribs and half a slab of Baby Back Ribs with the
Half&Half (S$38.90). It comes with 2 sides and sauces of your choice, which makes it a pretty good deal.

I have a giveaway at the end of this post for two full slabs of Sticky Bones.

Iberico Ribs
They also have a very special treat of Iberico Sticky Bones Spare Ribs, but I found these sinewy in some parts and overly fatty in others. The regular spare ribs have the fats more evenly distributed.

Morganfield’s has managed to secure limited quantities of this premium pork and for a small top up of $3 for the half, and $6 for the full slab you can upgrade your Sticky Bones Spare Ribs.

But it's not all ribs at Morganfield's.

You can snack on some Pop Corn Pork (S$9.90) while you wait for your ribs. Marinated with Morganfield's secret spice mix & deep fried till crisp, these are served with homemade Garlic Aioli & BBQ Ranch sauce. So addictive.

Chicken Caesar (top, Caesar S$12.90, add S$5 for chicken)
Fresh romaine lettuce tossed with homemade Caesar dressing, topped with crispy bacon bits, croutons & parmesan cheese with slices of grilled Ranch chicken.

Crab & Spinach Dip (S$12.90)
This is an unusual warm dip made from crab meat & baby spinach cooked with parmesan cheese. I'm not sure the combination worked but we all sure loved the corn tortilla chips.

Golden Chicken Wings (S$12.90)
These taste a bit like har cheong gai or prawn paste chicken! I like that they are fried until super crispy without too much batter.

Corn bread! These are like soft and fluffy corn muffins. I could happily have these as dessert.

But there is dessert proper.

Morgan's Bread Pudding (S$11.90)
Whiskey sauce sets this apart from other bread puddings. The comfortingly warm homemade bread pudding is served with a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate Lava Cake (S$15.90)
This is the house specialty. Moist, warm chocolate cake filled with rich molten chocolate. Served warm with vanilla ice cream & caramel sauce.


So thanks to Morganfield's, I have two Full Slabs of Sticky Bones to give out (worth S$42.90 each), one slab to one reader each.

1. Just comment below:
- Which cut of ribs are your favourite - baby back, spare ribs, St Louis?
- Which outlet of Morganfield's you're most likely to go - Vivocity, Suntec City or Star Vista

2. Email me with the header "Morganfield's Ribs Giveaway" so you can let me know your email address without giving it out here.

Alternatively, you can head over to Facebook for the contest.

Closing date: 15 October 2017 (2359hrs)
Winners will be notified by email or Facebook message.

See my previous post on Morganfield's:

3 Temasek Boulevard
#01-645 Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983
(Outside Tower 4, Next to Promenade MRT)
Tel: +65 6736-1136
Open daily Sun – Thu: 11am – 11pm
Fri, Sat & PH: 11am – Midnight

Morganfield's at Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
#02-23 The Star Vista
Singapore 138617
Tel: +65 6694-3635

Morganfield's at Vivocity
Facing Sentosa Boardwalk entrance
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-51A VivoCity
Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 6225 0501

Many thanks to Morganfield's for the invite and giveaway



  1. Baby back ribs for their leaner meat at Suntec! :p Will drop you an email!

  2. Hi Catherine,

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway.
    I will love to have baby back ribs at Vivo outlet. #BBQribs

    I had liked and shared on Fb with Adeline LQ Koo


    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

  3. Will love to try out Spare Ribs to be dining at Vivo City ! Who can succumb to tender juicy well marinated #BBQRibs that is definitely not me and my hubby!!! Let’s indulge with these to totally rip our heart for them!!!

  4. I would like to try the Baby Back Ribs please at Vivo City. It's really interesting to know the difference between the Baby Back Ribs and Spareribs. Since we have been eating the Spareribs all the time, I would love to try the Baby Back Ribs please. We go to Morgansfield as a family because we always feel like it is a great family friendly restaurant and I am hoping to win to take the kids here once again. Will be watching a movie first at GV then head to Morgansfield for a hearty meal :-)

  5. It will be great if I can try out the Baby back at Suntec City outlet. Will drop u an email. Thanks.

  6. I like Baby Back Ribs and would like to visit Suntec City outlet.

  7. My favourite is Baby Back Ribs and would like to visit Suntec City outlet

  8. Hello, I would love to bring my folks to try the baby back ribs at Vivo city for a ribbing good time.

  9. Thanks for the witty write-up which hv enriched my understanding of ribs.Love Baby Back Ribs and my fave haunt is Suntec City Mall outlet^^

  10. Would love to try the spare ribs at The Star Vista! Thank you!

  11. I had my birthday dinner at Morganfield's at Suntec City Mall this year and hey, I've never patronised another restaurant for ribs. Morganfield's ribs are REALLY good. I had the Hickory BBQ Sticky Bones (soare ribs) and they were heavenly! Fall-off tender meat smoothered with generous and addictive BBQ sauce, coupled with an aromatic char grilled flavour - who can resist such temptations! I literally wiped the entire plate clean. 😋😋😋 It's really interesting to learn about the different rib types; now I know what to go for next time! Would love to try their baby back ribs or St Louis ribs to see if they match up to the good old spare ribs that touched my heart and tummy on my birthday. If I am one of the lucky winners that is! 😊

    Thank you for organising the giveaway! My email address is

  12. I love spare ribs for the very same reasons that you posted. Always wanted to try morgan’s but yet to do so. Would most likely visit vivo city!

  13. My favourite would be the baby back ribs, most likely to visit the Suntec outlet!

  14. Baby back ribs
    Suntec City Outlet
    He loves the ribs and we had a big quarrel. I hope I can win this and bring him there.

  15. ✨Happy BIrthday Morganfield's Singapore! Thank you for always fixing our rib craving for 5 years! ✨I had so many amazing experience with my friends in Morganfield's. From the moment I stepped in, till the moment I left, I was attended to by the most attentive staff, which is really rare in Singapore. Warm towels were given to us after our meal, the staff were all friendly, warm and authentic. That wasn't all, the food was great too!

    Because all of us want to get sticky fingers on my wife's birthday! Ribs in one hand, beer on a another is such a great way to celebrate birthday at Morganfield's. Think juicy, flavourful and tender ribs, I ran out of superlatives to describe them. Sticky Bones LOADED with sauce. And the best part about these ribs was the meat would literally fall off the bone. The tenderness of the meat with the added flavour from the sauce was simply outstanding. Now THAT is how we know our ribs were made well.

    Wish to win Baby Back and enjoy it at Star Vista Outlet! For another amazing memory with Morganfield's Singapore!

  16. I am so in love with Baby Back Ribs as they are so tender and meaty and would visit Suntec City outlet:

    1) World's Morgan-tastic prime pork ribs that sweetened my heart with their signature hickory BBQ, a sweet and tangy sauce with a hint of cider!

    2) Slow roast until cooked to perfection with juicy, tender-licious and soft meat falling off softly from the bones and melts in my mouth even before I can swallow down.

    3) Fries that were so crispy until I can taste the fresh earthy flavors of the potato.

    Hope Camemberu can choose me so that will be the most rib-tastic, memorable & happiest moment of my life ! Tagging my dearest mum Nancy Chng to enjoy this Sticky Bones together for Mother-Son bonding ahead !

    #morganfieldssingapore #sgcontest

  17. Morganfield's Ribs Giveaway: Joined on FB



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