Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sudio REGENT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones: Quick Review

These Sudio REGENT wireless Bluetooth headphones from Sweden are a real beauty. The simple yet stylish headphones feature 24+ hours of battery life, a full-leather composition, and nice booming bass. It even allows you to change the caps at the side to personalise your headphones in six different styles.

The headphones come luxuriously packaged in a sleek and sturdy white box with maroon bow. Inside the box:

  • Sudio Regent headphones
  • Audio Cable
  • Charging Cable
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Guarantee Card
  • Quick Start Guide

In certain months, they give free gifts like the matching iPhone case you see above. Right now, they have a summer tote bag given free for every online purchase.

Sudio REGENT headphones
You can choose to use them either wired (via 3.5mm jack) or wirelessly (Bluetooth). The difference in quality is not that significant but I do prefer the wired option if I am not on the move. which also gives you the benefit of not draining the battery. The wireless mode is unbeatable for convenience though.

I had initial issues with the Bluetooth pairing. It turns out you need to hold down the pairing button even after you see the red-blue light flashing, until you see a steady red light flashing. Takes a few seconds, but it works smoothly after that.

1. Appearance: they look gorgeous, especially the white model. You will turn heads with it!
2. Feel: The leather is so smooth and soft! Luxurious cushioning all round.
3. Build quality: feels solid, doesn't feel cheap.
4. Sound quality: audiophiles will probably turn their noses up at the quality, but I find them more than adequate for listening on the go. The bass comes out stronger and warmer than the treble. I can hear rich tones and details in music that even give me goosebumps. That's good enough for me.
5. Noise cancellation: While they don't block out ambient sounds completely, they can block out a fair bit. So yeah, you can cocoon yourself but still hear loud warning noises. Stay safe!
6. Bluetooth connection: it's solid and never drops!
7. Portability: the folding design makes these really compact. At 177g, they are easy to carry around.
8. Battery life: excellent performance that lasts beyond 24 hours.

1. The earpads can be a little small for some and press on your ears rather than enclosing them. After long periods of time, the pressure can prove uncomfortable. But the on-ear design means it's less bulky and easier to carry around.
2. The leather feels great but it does get a little warm in the tropics, especially outdoors. If you're indoors, in air-conditioning, it's not that much of an issue.

Photo courtesy of Sudio

At S$229, the price point may seem a little high, but the sleek Swedish design, portability, long battery life and luxurious leather are really nice points to have.

For store locations, check out their website:

Many thanks to Sudio for sending me the headphones for review. 


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