Friday, February 10, 2017

CANON CP1200 SELPHY: Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for Photo-Lovers

Take your selfies to the next level - make them into real copies you can keep or share. The Canon SELPHY (how appropriate) CP1200 is a small yet versatile portable photo printer that lets you print directly from your mobile phone or laptop.

It's one of those things I at first thought I didn't need, but after trying it for a while, I really like the convenience of not having to go to a store to print out photos. You can print anything you want - family or party photos, anime/movie scenes, workout cards, scenery photos or just examples of great photography.

Colour adjustment can now be made directly on the printer’s user interface, minimising the editing process on the desktop PC or mobile devices. Other functions like colour balance, brightness, and digital photo smoothening can be adjusted for the desired effect. Settings can be saved for subsequent prints to retain the same look even after the printer is switched off.

The only drawback is, some prints seem a little darker and the certain colours were not as bright as seen on my iPhone or laptop. It's easily fixed by adjusting brightness and colours before printing.

Photo from Canon Europe website

An optional battery pack lets you power up the printer without relying on a power outlet. Wi-Fi capability lets you print instantly from cameras and smartphones at gatherings and parties, to create special mementoes for guests. You can get creative with a multitude of consumables – postcard, square-size printouts, auto-generated multi photo layout and even mini stickers.

The consumables are not too pricey either. I think S$39.90 gets you ink and paper for 108 photos measuring 4x6 inches (4R/100mm x 148mm).

The SELPHY CP1200 uses dye-sublimation technology to create smooth gradations without any grainy feel. I would still recommend printing as high res as possible because you can see the amazingly fine detail on high res photos. 

The photos are protected with a special film coating that protects from colour fading. This technology also makes the photograph resistant to water droplets and fingerprints. 

There's also a Valentine's Day promo currently on Canon Shop where the printer is going for S$199. 



  1. hi~ i would like to know if i can print it out as a full photo without any borders?

    1. Yes, I definitely printed lots of those. See first photo.


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