Friday, August 5, 2016

Circles.Life SG51 Promo: 10GB Data Free!

Some of you know I am trying out Circles.Life, the #NewTelcoInTown, and I'm liking it so far. I get 5GB data, 100 mins talktime, unlimited WhatsApp traffic, and free caller ID for just $28.

And from 1 August, they are rewarding all customers with a tokkong (power!) bonus!

Existing customers will receive 10 GB Bonus Data in celebration of SG51. Sweet! I love free data!

Basically 2 GB Bonus Data will be added over the next 5 months. Spreading it over five months is even better for me, because I might waste some of it if it was 10Gb to be used in one month. My usage threshold is about 7GB per month, so this is just perfect!

If you are not a customer yet, no worries. You can sign up before 18th August to qualify for the same SG51 promo and also benefit from their referral perks.

For the month of August, all referrals will not only earn the 200 MB Bonus Data per referral, but also $5 of credit towards their bill. As with our Unlimited Bonus Data, the bill credit is limitless. Customers can earn as much as they want towards their next bills (e.g. 5 friends = 1 GB /mo Bonus data + $25 Bill Credit; 10 friends = 2 GB /mo Bonus Data + $50 Bill Credit, and so on).

Yes, use my referral code MHPYK and get $20 off your registration fee!

It is so easy to register for an account online, and their mobile app helps you keep track of and manage my data usage.

So if your usage leans more towards data than calls (like me), you might like to check out Circles.Life.



  1. Thank you for sharing your circles referral code

    1. You're welcome! Both codes should work. OBWAN is easier to remember though!


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