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Man Fu Yuan (满福苑) 2016 Chinese New Year Menu Highlights

Man Fu Yuan is rolling out serious goodies in its lunar new year prosperity set menus from 18 January to 22 February 2016, crafted by Executive Chinese Chef Kwan Yiu Kan and his team.

First up - yusheng!

Yusheng with Crispy Monkey Head Mushrooms, Prosperity Flakes and Peach Dressing 金箔蟠桃酱 鰤 鱼生捞起
It's auspicious to toss for good luck, and this year we literally get to monkey around. The artfully laid out yusheng transports us into a peach orchard with crispy monkey head mushrooms, real peach slices and gold-crusted corn flakes. The yusheng is available at $118 for Large but this one above is probably XXXXXL!

InterContinental Singapore's Executive Chef Eric Neo (right) and his assistant made an ice cream like dressing using liquid nitrogen. It really made it look like a garden in the heavenly clouds.

Huat ah! This year we are so neat! Everything goes to the middle of the long table. I heard last year the yusheng flew everywhere on the big round table.

After that, we got to try a selection of dishes that are found across the CNY menus.

Australian Lobster and Geoduck Sashimi with Freshly Grated Wasabi and Bonito Shoyu

Forget the pedestrian salmon sashimi. It's Chinese New Year! Celebrate with lobster and geoduck. These were really fresh, and I can imagine they'd be excellent cooked as well.


Doubled Boiled Sakura Chicken Soup with Bird's Nest, Fish Maw, Abalone and Black Truffles
Sorry my photo doesn't do it justice, but this is a delightfully comforting dish, so I'm showing the hotel photo as well. This luxurious soup is also available as a takeaway (S$408, serves five).

Man Fu Yuan also shared with us how to replicate this easily at home; the recipe is here:


and also here:


Braised Australian Green Lip Abalone and Chinese Mushrooms with Spiky Sea Cucumber and Seasonal Vegetables
This dish features the much beloved abalone and sea cucumber braised in a rich sauce, complementing the vegetables (in this case, baby bok choi or milk cabbage).

Alaskan King Crab in Chinese Rice Wine with Chicken Oil and Crispy Pork Lard 
Simply incredible. Crispy pork lard and Chinese rice wine is such a potent combination, elevating the seafood richness of the king crab to heavenly dimensions.

Man Fu Yuan Treasure Pot
This is a festive array of 18 prized ingredients: Whole Baby Abalone, Spiky Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw, Canadian Lobster, Goose Web, Roasted Duck, Quail, Dried Oyster, Pig’s Trotter, Scallops, Prawns, Sea Whelk, Flower Mushrooms, Cabbage, Bean Curd Skin, Fried Yam, Sea Moss, Preserved Meat and Liver Sausages

Is there such a thing as too much goodness?

You get the claypot too, if you do the takeaway (S$388, serves five). Look at the cute monkey on the peach tree decorating the side. Apparently each year they feature the zodiac animal, so you have 12 to collect! (Thanks Ee Jin for being the exquisite hand model!)


Barbecued Whole Suckling Pig with Wok Fried Glutinous Rice and Goose Liver Sausage 大 红 乳猪 酿糯 米 饭  (S$388 takeaway, serves 5)
Possibly my pick for the best dish (close tie with the Alaskan king crab) among the highlights. I have not tried the famous suckling pig stuffed with glutinous rice at Kimberley Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong, but this version is near divine.

First you get the (ultra satisfying) audible crunch from the thin pork crackling, and then tender meat embracing fried glutinous rice that's bursting with flavour. I want some more...

Double Boiled Superior Bird's Nest with Julienned Young Coconut
My favourite dessert! Succulent young coconut with enough bird's nest to make you put your SK-II away for a few days.

The warm dessert assortment included Golden Egg Custard Pastry, Scented Osmanthus Nian Gao with Shandong Premium Red Dates, Cream of Almond and Sesame Dumpling coated with Ground Peanuts.

Man Fu Yuan has several CNY set menus featuring the dishes above:
Deluxe Treasure Set ($688++) for 5 persons.
Premium 8 Course Set ($2088++) for 10 persons.
5 and 6 course sets from $108++ to $328++ per person.

Some of these are also available separately as takeaway items. The prices and order form are online too.

For reservations and enquiries, please contact Man Fu Yuan at +65 6820 8519/20 or email sinhb-festive@ihg.com


InterContinental Singapore
Level 2
80 Middle Road
Singapore 188966
Tel: +65 68251059
Open daily 11:45am - 3:30pm, 6:30pm - 10:30pm

Thanks to InterContinental Singapore for the invitation

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