Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Grain.com.sg - Delicious Healthy Meals Delivered in 15 Minutes (CBD Area)

If you work in the CBD, especially in the Marina Bay area, you know what it's like when lunchtime approaches. It's a battle with the rest of the workforce for food. Long queues, less than healthy dishes, or stuff that is just way too pricey. You may have to walk pretty far to get to your favourite options. Food delivery services? Sure, if you don't mind awful greasy fare or food that doesn't travel well.

The young and talented folks behind Grain.com.sg knew this. They came up with a dream concept - healthy but tasty and interesting dishes delivered to you under 15 minutes upon ordering online. How do they do that? I followed the team on their run one day, and documented the story on Yahoo and Makansutra.

Most of these meals cost just an average of S$10.90 with no delivery charge, and you can even opt to add cold-pressed juices at S$5.50 per bottle. It's a balanced meal with complex carbs (e.g. black rice, couscous, quinoa) and fresh ingredients prepared with healthier techniques. They're also getting more requests for warm Asian food, so you'll see stuff like Ginseng Chicken Soup (above) among the 50-60 dishes they have on rotation. I love their website. Take a look at what's available today - grain.com.sg

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