Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cooked Bird's Nest Delivery Service from Yu Xiang Yan

I can see this being a hit with pregnant ladies, those doing confinement and busy executive workers. Freshly cooked bird's nest delivered to you wonderfully warm and ready to eat in a porcelain bowl.

Yu Xiang Yan sent me a sample. The bird's nest is pristine and clear, with visible strands of varying thickness. What I really like about it - it's not too sweet. Sometimes I feel too much rock sugar gets in the way of us truly enjoying the delicate nature of the bird's nest.

I have personally seen the benefits of bird's nest when regularly consumed. I can't comment on whether this brand will bring the same perks since I am only eating it once, but it certainly is a luxurious treat for the tastebuds. So warm and soothing.

Prices seem reasonable for the portion served. A single bowl with delivery goes for S$26, two bowls for S$46, four bowls for S$84 and 10 bowls for S$227 (you get one extra bowl free, so it's 11 bowls). You can serve it immediately or store it in the fridge for later consumption.

Xu Yiang Yan bird's nest delivery

The package comes in a heat retentive bag, a sturdy box and also includes a porcelain spoon. You can reuse the bowl (it has a resealable lid) either for eating, or as they suggest for planting a bonsai.

Yu Xiang Yan is also part of the team that does Purer Skin skincare using bird's nest essence. I'm currently using the serum (smells like SKII) and night moisturiser. Skin does look more smooth and hydrated when I use it more regularly.

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