Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014! New Year and New Look for the Blog!

Happy new year to everyone!

It's high time the blog got a fresh new look. I'm also moving to the white background for a change. Well, darker backgrounds do look better as a photo showcase. But after seven years, I am itching to change it.

So goodbye to old things that were good while they lasted. Here's to a year of embracing change! I've been too guilty of being stuck in old ruts, and not having the guts to shake things up, but sometimes turmoil is good for you. Keep your eye on the reward, not the pain.

Meanwhile, speaking of pain, please be patient with me while I do my code-diving to tidy up the template.

All the best for 2014; may the new year bring joy, wisdom, abundance and every fulfilment your heart desires.



  1. This new look is FANTASTIC!! YAY Catherine!! :)

  2. I think the new look is awesome. Its so clean and fresh. Like good sushi !!!


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