Wednesday, May 15, 2013

McDonald's Heats Things Up with Red Peri Scorcher

It's Face-Off time between two hot items
Looks like McDonald's is set on spicing things up. On Monday night, we had a Face-Off between the popular McSpicy (second from left) and the new RED PERI SCORCHER (far right)! The two models used to represent the burgers in the TVC made an appearance at the Bishan Park outlet where this event took place.

I was surprised that McSpicy has already been around for 10 years or more. That long? So I guess it's high time this burger had some competition.

He might not be too pleased.

McSpicy won the previous Face-Off with Black Pepper Flamer, but now there's a new contender - the Red Peri Scorcher - and it's been a secret until now. You all can vote again on the Spicy Face-Off Facebook page when she's officially unveiled tomorrow.

The Red Peri Scorcher - hot but not overly so
So here it is! The tangy and spicy Red Peri Scorcher. It's a whole muscle chicken piece marinated with red peri chili, cumin, coriander, capsicum and lemon, cooked in a crispy batter with cracker wheat.

The Red Peri Scorcher has much more complex spice mix in its sauce
It's slathered with a spicy hot red peri sauce, all between a lightly toasted long single-split bun with wheat topping. It's spicy enough for most people without being too stinging. Some will get a higher endorphin buzz than others.

The McSpicy certainly delivers bite
I requested a McSpicy just to compare. I remembered it being more spicy. But I realise the chili heat in this is more straightforward - basically chili powder seasoning - whereas the Red Peri Scorcher has more complexity in its spice mix. Have a go and see which one you prefer. I like both.

McSpicy has been around 10 years!
This is still the reigning favourite for many people, so it's bound to stay on the menu. The Red Peri Scorcher is only here for a limited time period.

The MC and McDreamy, I mean, McSpicy...
The MC and McDreamy, I mean, McSpicy dude. He looks like a sweet and spicy version of Nat Ho, no?

MC asking guests which one is more spicy
The MC went around asking people which burger was hotter. It's a tough question when you could be influenced by the hot chick and cool dude models. This guy seated is Australian and said he couldn't take much of the Red Peri heat. And the McSpicy totally killed him previously. I think he could do with some spice training.

Kitchen Musicians
The evening ended with a raucous performance of "kitchen music". The instruments are real kitchen utensils. It was quite fun.

McDonald's Red Peri Scorcher vs McSpicy Face-Off
Photo op! Miss Red Peri Scorcher and Mr McSpicy. Who do you think is hotter? They both look equally dangerous!

The Red Peri Scorcher meal (from S$6.50) will be available in outlets from tomorrow, 16 May 2013, for a limited time period. Have it with the Passionfruit McFizz (S$2.40) and Citrus Thai Shaker Fries (S$2.75 a la carte).

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