Friday, July 20, 2012

Hougang 6 Miles Famous Muah Chee at Block 69 Bedok South Ave 3

I'd been wanting to check out the famous Hougang 6 Miles muah chee but never quite got motivated enough to haul myself to Hougang. But hey, they've moved closer to me, and are now at Bedok South.

The boss Mr Teo still makes them by hand, pinching each globule of sticky glutinous rice dough and dabbing them every so briefly in the shallot oil, before coating them with crushed peanuts and sesame. He says no one makes them this way anymore (they use scissors to cut the dough), as it's really tiring. He goes home with an aching body each day. But the manual way yields better texture and that desired tensile bounce.

His father ran the business as a roadside stall since the 1950s. But when the son retires, there will be no one taking over this business.

Muah Chee with White Sesame & Peanuts
The white sesame muah chee (S$2.50 for small). I really enjoyed this even though I'm not that big a fan of muah chee. Each morsel is soft, beautifully chewy, and melds perfectly with the mixture of fragrant peanuts, sesame and sugar.

Muah Chee with Black Sesame & Peanuts
He also does a black sesame muah chee (same price). It's got a stronger, almost musty-like aroma which I didn't take to, but interesting to try once at least.

Hougang 6th Mile Famous Muah Chee is now at Block 69 Bedok South Ave 3
There is a small queue even during off-peak hours despite the quiet location. Mr Teo says he hopes the rental will stay low as muah chee is not a lucrative business. I just hope he stays in the business long enough for someone to learn his trade and take it over.

Block 69 Bedok South Avenue 3
Tel: +65 9862-1501



  1. wow this muah chee is thickly and fully encrusted with peanuts and sesame. nice! like my son used to say when he did his art homework on white paper. teacher say must leave "no white spots". full marks ;D

    1. LOL! You are right! No spot uncovered! Full marks indeed!

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