Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pizza Hut Revamps Menu for 30th Anniversary!

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Pizza Hut's staff now also sport new uniforms
Pizza Hut's celebrating its 30th year in Singapore this month, and is unveiling 25 new items on its dine-in menu. But it's not just a wider selection, it's also a new mindset. In addition to extra training in food preparation and cheery service mantras, the restaurant teams have got new contemporary uniforms to herald the change. These are in signature reds and blacks (above), with dashes of colour for highlight. The website too, has been refreshed.

Pizza Hut has come a long way since opening its first outlet at Jelita. They were the first to offer home delivery, and the hot pouch technology (still the only one to do so) with a Hot Delivery guarantee. Now they have 24 full-fledged restaurants, and the delivery now covers most of Singapore. Over the past 30 years, they've given us the Stuffed Crust, Crispy Thin, Crunchy Cheesy Bites, and Cheesy 7.

While they are still committed to pizza innovation, they want to include more Western selections. This is so that diners with different food preferences will find something to excite their palate. Eating out and gathering over food is a big thing in Singapore, after all.

Mr Michael Gian, CEO of Pizza Hut Singapore, says their vision is to make Pizza Hut the favourite casual dining restaurant brand in Singapore. He is confident that consumers will be delighted with the new offerings, just like what they experienced with the pastas introduced in 2009.

Captain's Catch Pizza
At the media and blogger preview event, they entreated us to quite a number of the new dishes. Let me show you some of the things you can expect to see on the new menu. There are 6 new appetisers, 3 pastas, 2 pizzas, 6 Western favourites, 1 baked rice, 2 desserts and 5 beverages.

Bruschetta with Mushrooms
Bruschetta with Mushrooms. Sliced baguettes brushed with light olive oil and garlic spread, topped with marinated mushrooms and parsley.

Bruschetta with Tomatoes
Bruschetta with Tomatoes. Like the bruschetta with mushrooms, but with chopped tomatoes, onions and Italian herbs. Baked to crispy perfection, it's like garlic toast with toppings.

Hut's Platter
Hut's Platter. This replaces the existing platter combination. The tempura prawns selection is the main change. You still have the yummy drumlets, criss-cross fries and calamari.

Thick Fries on Dips
Fries! <3!  Thick Fries on Dips (salsa and cheese flavoured dips). These were really good. A crisp, crunchy exterior and fluffy insides. Nicely salted, and tasty enough on their own. I never think about ordering fries at Pizza Hut, but if they are always this good, I'd go there just to eat these!

Cheesy Mushrooms
Cheesy Mushrooms - another unanimous favourite! We all loved how the juices spurted out of the mushrooms (careful, they can be hot!) and how the baked cheese with alfredo sauce accentuated the meaty mushrooms.

Cheesy Mussels
Cheesy Mussels - I liked these. Six marinated mussels baked with mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan. Topped with alfredo sauce, diced turkey bacon and parsley. As with the cheesy mushrooms, these are a steal at just S$7.90.

Hut's Chicken Steak
Hut's Chicken Steak (S$14.50) - this is a large, boneless chunk of tender chicken seasoned with Italian herbs and grilled. Served with a hearty portion of those lovely fries. I actually liked the vegetables very much. Still firm, not soggy or water-logged.

Seafood Fiesta Baked Rice
Joining the line-up of baked rice is the Seafood Fiesta Baked Rice. This looked amazing. Like a mini-paella in a pan. Lots of prawns, squid rings and mussels baked atop pilaf rice in salsa sauce and stringy mozzarella cheese. It tasted surprisingly sweet though.

Crispy Chicken Chop
Crispy Chicken Chop - crispy breaded fried chicken! With fries! This one comes with salsa sauce, whereas the Chicken Steak comes with cheesy sauce.

Everybody liked the crispy fried chicken
You really can't go wrong with deep-fried chicken. We really liked this.

The parchment pasta introduced last year is back!
The parchment pasta introduced last year was a hit, so it's earned a permanent place on the menu! There's Spicy Seafood with slices of chili padi (you can request for them to omit this if you prefer it less spicy; I'd just ask for more!) and Creamy Grilled Chicken. The popular Soft Shell Crabiatta is also back permanently. I have got to go try that one.

Cheez Shroomies Wrap
Cheez Shroomies Wrap is one of the three new wraps available. The other two are the Beefy Delight Wrap (marinated beef balls, pepperoni, neapolitan sauce and mozzarella cheese) and New Orleans Chicken Wrap (BBQ chicken chunks, roasted chicken and chicken roll all dressed with BBQ sauce and mozzarella cheese).

Cheez Shroomies Wrap
The Cheez Shroomies Wrap is like a baked tortilla filled with sliced marinated button mushrooms, onions, garlic, grilled cheese sauce and mozzarella cheese. Baking certainly means it's less oily than deep-frying. One of us felt it tasted very light.

Captain's Catch Pizza
Captain's Catch Pizza - by the time this arrived, we were all so stuffed. This is quite a rich pizza: fried chunks of fish smothered with honey dill mayonnaise, mozzarella cheese, and sour cream, topped with onion-flavoured potato chips, all on Pizza Hut’s signature Pan crust.

Choco-berry banana pizza
Choco-berry banana pizza (unbelievably only S$6.50) - now, no matter how full you are, you always have room for dessert! What a luscious combination of caramelised bananas on a crispy thin crust (like a biscuit), doused with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with chopped strawberries.

There are five new drinks permanently now on the menu - Zesty Mint (wild mint syrup, calamansi and 7-Up, garnished with mint leaves) and Passion Grapefruit Fizz (passionfruit, grapefruit and 7-Up) in the Coolers section, fizzy drinks with real fruit essence Lemon-Lime Esprit and Passionfruit Esprit, plus a hot beverage (Jasmine Green Tea).

What a coincidence! The MC of the day was the one who won the 3D2N HK trip from me!
I had a couple of surprises at the media event. Firstly, the MC at the event turned out to be Benjamin Sng, the one who won the 3D2N HK trip from me! He voted for me in the HKTB Summer Trip contest.

Secondly, I won a prize in the lucky draw! I usually never win anything, so I was quite stunned. It's $100 worth of Pizza Hut vouchers, which I would like to give out on the blog.

Just leave a comment and name the item you would like to try most. I will randomly pick two winners to receive $50 worth of vouchers each (leave a comment on the Camemberu Facebook page as well and get double chances at winning). Entries close Sunday, 24 April 2011, 11.59pm!

I hope you enjoyed viewing the new items, and hope you'll get to try them!


  1. Definitely the chocoberry banana pizza. I just told someone last night that I dun eat pizzas from pizza hut. I'll eat my words if I get the vouchers!

  2. Omg! There's so many new items to try! I like Cheesy Mushroom! I like Cheesy Mussels! Seafood Fiesta Baked Rice look not bad too. I haven't try out the parchment pasta yet. Oh Wrap! Hmmm... Can i name all the food i want to try? Hee. I'll pick the Cheez Shroomies Wrap. My gf love eating wrap, hope i can win and I'll bring her there to try it out =)

  3. I would like to try the crispy fries with the minty drink! It's been ages since I have a meal at Pizza Hut.

  4. Erm.. it is a fight between the Cheez Shroomies Wrap and the Seafood Fiesta Baked Rice for me. So hard to choose. I think I will choose the Cheez Shroomies Wrap because I prefer salty food than sweet. =)

  5. I am going for the Cheez Shroomies Wrap! It made my stomach growl for it the moment I see it :)

  6. I'm gonna try out the zesty mint n shroomies wrap this weekend!

  7. I'm really want to try the Captain's catch pizza and Cheez Shroomies Wrap, its look very delicious!!! I definitely will go and try it out!!

  8. Cheesy Mussels - Ever since my friend indroduce this dishes to me, I'm a big fan of it. Every time, I goes out for meal, I 100% sure would order mussels dishes. I LOVE mussels.

  9. Omg!!! So many new items. Let me think errrr "Choco-berry banana pizza" or "Cheez Shroomies Wrap"...agrrrrr... choco or cheesy.... em... ok set for the "Cheez Shroomies Wrap"!!!!

  10. Oh Yes! I remember going to Jelita just to eat Pizza Hut! :)

    Cheesy Mushrooms! - Everyone in my family including the kids would love those! :)

  11. I will wanna try the Cheez Shroomies Wrap!!!

  12. I want to try Cheesy Mushrooms :)

  13. Beef wrap! I love wraps! And I'd take my best friend who looooves cheese and mushrooms! Pizza Hut is an old time school days favourite of ours (:

  14. Definitely the cheez shroomies wrap~ OMG! So mouthwatering!:D

  15. WOuld really drop by and try the Parchment Pasta and Choco-berry banana pizza. The parchment chicken pasta looks superb creamy and the choco-berry banana pizza is so tempting (i dont really like banana but this dessert won me over)! =)

  16. I always love banana & chilli!!! i would like to try Choco-berry banana pizza dessert & parchment pasta from pizza hut

  17. The fries remind me of swenson's fries. Haven't had pizza hut for a really long time.

  18. I love the cheesy mushroom!!! The new chunky fries looks good!!! :)


  19. Look at that pot of Seafood Fiesta Baked Rice! I just want to dive into it! Poing (:

  20. Seafood Fiesta Baked Rice!!

    Shihui :)

  21. Seafood Fiesta Baked Rice for me! Shiok!

    Jee Kai

  22. Seafood Fiesta Baked Rice for me. I love seafood!!

  23. The captain's baked pizza looks so good with all the seafood, makes me want to try that out of everything.

    Hope I win :D

  24. I would love to try the Cheez Shroomies Wrap :D I love the combination of button mushrooms and melting cheese, add in the tortillas and its A BOMB :D!

  25. I think the Captain's Catch Pizza will be yum.

  26. Definitely the Parchment Pasta! Thick Fries on Dip and Seafood Fiesta Baked Rice looks fantastic as well.

  27. cheez shroomies wrap! or cheesy mushrooms. yum.

  28. Seafood Fiesta Baked Rice please!

  29. cheesy anything! mushrooms and mussels?

  30. The Cheez Shroomies Wrap is my choice

  31. andrewtjy@hotmail.comApril 22, 2011 at 8:58 AM

    ,-""-,-" "-,-""-,
    /,-' , .-'-.7.-'-. , '-,\ Please?
    \( / _ _ \ )/
    '-, { (0) (0) } ,-'
    / > .---. < \
    |/ .-' \___/ '-. \|
    {, / ,_ _, \ ,}
    \ {, \ / ,} /
    ',\. '---' ./,'
    _.-""""""-._ _.-""""""-._
    .' `._.` '.
    _/_ _ \
    .'` `\ | | \
    / | | | ;
    | / |_| ;
    | WANT ;
    \ ;'---' Cheesy Mussels ;
    '. ; With _ ;
    `-\ Captain's Catch Pizza .' `,
    `\ | \
    \ \ |
    jgs `\ /` _/
    ,-""-. .'`\ /`-,-'` .-""-,
    / `\.' `\ /` './` \
    ; .--. \ '\ /' / .--. ;
    | ( \ |, '\ /' | / ) |
    \ ; } ;\ /; ` { ; /
    `;\ \ _.-' \ / `-._ / /;`
    \ \__.' _.-' Y `-._ '.__//
    '.___,.-' `-.,___.'

  32. eeps sorry everyone, was trying some ascii art, failed miserably :(

  33. I want the Choco-berry banana pizzaaaa!!!

  34. I would love to try the Choco-berry banana pizza!!!!!!! and also, the Parchment Pasta wouldn't hurt as well! :D

  35. I would love to try the Cheez Shroomies Wrapppppp. I have been a vegetarian for a while and the selections at Pizza Hut used to be reallyyy limited, almost patronizing. This look so goodddd that i would order it even when i was still eating meat. Vegetarian food at its best. Loveeeee. Xx

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. I wants to try parchment pasta. Pizza hut is famous for their pizza but their pasta seems to be good too.

  38. I want to try the Choco-berry banana pizza! I love your pictures! they make the food look so tempting!

  39. The Cheez Shroomies Wrap looks yummy!

  40. Cheez Shroomies Wrap !!!!!

  41. The Cheez Shroomies Wrap looks healthy and packed full of ingredients~! It definitely looks yummy!!! ^_^

  42. Had been great fans of Pizzahut for many years & really excited to hear abt the new menu! Poppin by here was e right move :p I went thr abt 3wks back, but i think the menu wasn't out yet :( The Captain's Catch & Cheezy Mushrooms looks soooo mouthwaterin, i cant wait to try & treat my frens too!!

  43. crispy chicken chop. i wouldn't touch cheese. but for that chicken i'd go to pizza hut!

  44. for pizza of course! captain's catch :)

  45. cheezwhiz. everything with cheese please. maybe the creamy chicken pasta too?

  46. Wow everything looks really good, it's hard to pick just one item!
    But I think I would choose the Choco-berry banana pizza! I am a sucker for desserts and savoury pizzas seem like a good idea!

  47. Hopefully you will chose me so i can bring my whole family to go try out the captain catch pizza and of cause the dessert looks wonderful as well and i can even bring them on my boys birthday which is up n coming so pls pick me

  48. Definitely the Choco-berry banana pizza! There's always room for dessert, especially caramelized bananas!

  49. shrooms. wrapped or baked with cheese!

  50. Just came home from lunch at Pizza Hut

    I was laughing when the staff said as we took a seat, "We have a new menu with a wide range of new offerings. Try them all today!" I retorted, "If we did that, we wouldn't have another excuse to come back for subsequent visits!"

    Well, today was also the first time nobody ordered any pizza at all, everyone ordered something new from the menu. We had the Hut's Chicken Steak, Chargrill Chicken Parchment, Cheesy Mussels, Mushroom Bruschetta, Beef Delight Wrap and many more unmentionables. I really loved the Cheesy Mushrooms!

    We wanted to try the Captain's Catch Pizza but alas, no space for it and the dessert too! That's my only regret this month :(

  51. Cheez Shroomies Wrap

  52. Chocoberry banana pizza! Looks lovely!!!

  53. Cheez Shroomies Wrap

  54. I wanna try the Cheesy Mushrooms!

  55. food.lover.lynn@live.comApril 24, 2011 at 8:43 PM

    Wow all the food looks super delicious haha. I would pick the Crispy Chicken Chop as my top choice.

  56. I love the Seafood Fiesta Baked Rice!!! I can't wait to eat it!!!

  57. At the price of $6.50, the Choco-berry banana pizza is kinda affordable for me. I'd love to have it with a glass of Zesty Mint!


  58. Cheesy mushrooms rocks!


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