Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Making Up for A Deprived Childhood...A Kakigori Ice-Shaver!

Shirokuma Polar Bear Ice Shaver - Kakigori time!
The Hungry Cow and I happened to be browsing around TANGS at Vivocity today, and he spotted this. A polar bear shaped ice shaver! Well, actually "White Bear Ice Shaber"...but who cares when it's so cute, right?

He then proceeded to matter-of-factly describe how as kids, he and his sister used to have ice shavers (just not in this bear design) and how they ended up having even more fun making the iced treats than eating them!

I gawked and said, "You mean you had this kind of thing when you were young?" My gosh, I would have gone apeshit if in my childhood I could make my own ice kachang, sorbets and just generally shards of "snow" to throw about. Oh heck, never mind about my kids, I want this for myself!

Comes with a cute container for ice-making. I am freezing mixed berry juice in it now...fun starts tomorrow!



  1. Can't wait to see your first icy treat from your own Ice Shaber! ;)

  2. Ah, nothing like thinking about the good times of the past. Sometimes I guess, you just aren't too old to be a kid. Well...assuming only kids eat shaved ice.

  3. I had one to these before! Mine was a orange teddy. And yes, i had loads of fun turning out ice shavings ;-)

  4. Wow.. i want to grab one for my boy too...shld look up on it during my trip to vivo this sat :) Thanks for sharing.


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