Friday, December 4, 2009

Bombing My Kitchen and Staying at the Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore

My home kitchen looks like warzone now!
Sorry I haven't been posting much of late. We're finally renovating the kitchen among other things, so things are in a bit of a mess at home, as you can see.

To escape the dust and noise of hacking day, the whole family escaped to nearby Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore - one of the better hotels in our neighbourhood. Might as well make it a little staycation!

They upgraded us to the very swell Business Suite! We really loved the spaciousness of it all and felt at home immediately. It's very well laid out, and manages to be warm and inviting. Hubby commented that this suite rivals many he's seen in 5-star hotels around the world.

Deluxe King Room is more than comfy too
We also got an adjoining Deluxe King room for mom-in-law and helper. It's more than comfy, with nice floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the pool.

The two monkeys instantly made themselves comfortable
The two monkeys instantly made themselves comfortable!

The adjoining rooms were fantastic for the family
Having the adjoining rooms was a big plus for the family. The kids could go into either room easily. They were instantly hooked on some NHK children's program too.

Simple yet elegant furnishings in the Business Suite
The Business Suite means business. You have lots of workspace with neatly hidden power outlets and Internet connection jacks. You can work without disturbing whoever is sleeping, as the headboard makes a nice divider.

View from the desk. I love the living area
I like the little touches of contemporary Asian they have in the furnishings. This is the view from the work desk. You can also conveniently keep an eye on the news as you work.

The bathtub is to die for!
The best part of the suite is the bathroom! The standalone bathtub is such a treat! They give you some Epsom salts that colour the water a beautiful blue. Oh yes, the LCD TV means you can have a soak and enjoy your favourite program at the same time!

Bathroom is gorgeous, with separate shower stall too
The bathroom is beautifully roomy and comes with a separate shower stall.

The kids had a blast at the swimming pool
We knew the children would definitely love the pool - there's a small kiddy pool too (see bottom right). The water was very cold but that didn't stop them from having a blast!

Plotting worldwide domination...
Plotting world domination, with milk bottle close at hand!

Live orchids a nice touch
Service at the hotel was impressive. All of our requests were attended to promptly, and nothing was too minor for them to handle. We enjoyed the hotel so much we extended our stay another day!

I'll be blogging the food we had here too - the Roxy Bar which is their poolside cafe (a nice find!) and the hotel breakfast at Feast@East.

Thanks, Keane, for helping us to make the arrangements!

50 East Coast Road, Roxy Square
(Opposite Parkway Parade Shopping Centre)
Singapore 428769
Tel: 6344-8000


  1. Oooo.. what a nice staycation you have!
    can't wait to see the finished kitchen!

  2. Wow! The kids look adorable! Haha i like the plotting world domination =) The suite looks delightful, a luxurious getaway! have a great time! =D

  3. Wow! You are so lucky! Can't wait to see the new kitchen. And the HOTEL! I love it too. hehe... yr kids are getting cuter ! No wonder you are so quiet this few days. :D

  4. Located in the heart of the city, it is just a short walk to Singapore's main shopping area, Orchard Road. Apart from being an ideal location for tourists

  5. your kids are really cute! you're lucky to stay in marine parade, there're many good dining outlets nearby!

  6. Blimey! That looks better than my home!

    The last time we renovated the house, we redid the entire floor! We didn't get to stay at a hotel though. Just put up with it the whole time.

  7. How long is the renovation gonna take to finish.

  8. K-man: yes, I can't wait for it to finish either!

    Thisisyummy: thanks! The suite was gorgeous.

    Mun: haha yeah lor!

    Stargirl: thank you! Yes, I do think the East has some nice stuff, but hubby never likes the food here! He likes the hotel food though.

    Sparklette: OMG how did you guys manage that?!? Must have been living hell! Reno works are so disruptive, and you guys did the whole floor! Where'd you put your stuff??

    Foodlovee: Hmm, we wanted it to finish before Xmas but looks like it's gonna drag til Jan...somehow many people are doing reno too, all the workers are booked solid!

  9. That's quite long,you intent to stay in hotel till reno finish?

  10. Wow wow wow ... the staycation you have is great!! Wish i can find a reason to do that. The kids are certainly enjoying themselves :-)
    Can we see the new kitchen when done? All Miele? ;-)

  11. Thanks for the lil tour! Looks like a very comfy, luxurious stay :) Your 2 girls sure lived it up!! Too cute, that photo of them making "themselves comfortable".

  12. my gosh! your kids are so cute.. :p BEH TAHAN! lol.. great hotel .. nice pick;)

  13. Foodlovee: oh, we stayed only 2 days, during the hacking period. Wish I could stay the whole time!

    Momo: haha, my kitchen not as lucky as Chubby Hubby's! I got some Teka instead. Miele when I strike Toto maybe!

    Ju: thanks! :)

    Cumi & Ciki: haha thanks, your first time seeing the kids eh?

  14. the hotel room looks fab! renovation doesnt seem that bad anymore eh? hehehe. maybe hotels should target those who are putting up with reno at home with special packages.

  15. That must be a real comfy stay! The girls seem very at ease too!


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