Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kohi-Ten Coffee Parfait

Kohi-ten Coffee Parfait
We adjourned to Kohi-Ten at Cuppage Terrace for a spot of coffee and dessert after Ohsumi. Had a delicious coffee parfait (can't remember the actual name or price, likely about S$7.90 or so). It's coffee and vanilla ice cream with cubes of springy coffee jelly. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

19 Cuppage Terrace
Tel: 6732 808
Open daily
Mon-Thu: 8.30am - 11pm
Fri-Sun: 9am - 11.30pm


  1. wa yum yum u make me drool again!! I better choose the right time to visit this yummylicious blog, at least not at night. LOL!!!

  2. and a small cup of syrup knocked off its 'socks' in the background? :)


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