Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CP Foods Part II - Chicken

This is the second half of the review on CP Foods, focusing on their chicken products. The first half in the previous post is on shrimp/fish products.

CP Golden Crispy

CP Golden Crispy – S$4.40
These "Golden Crispy" chicken are GBD - golden brown and delicious! These are made from chicken leg meat, so they're tender and moist. The batter is newly formulated to be crispier and tastier. It certainly is one of the better frozen chicken products in the market. Oven toast or deep-fry them for a few minutes, and they're ready to eat. Or use them as part of a stir-fry (kung pao crispy chicken, anyone?)

CP Mexican Wings

CP Mexican Wings – S$4.95
Another yummy fried item. Crunchy(!!) and lightly spicy drumlets. Definitely am going to buy more of this. Interestingly, as with the Golden Crispy chicken above, no preservatives are used. Again, oven toast or deep-fry for a few minutes.

CP Roasted Mexican Wing Stick

CP Roasted Mexican Chicken Wing Stick – S$4.40
Don't worry, these are not as hot and spicy as they look. In fact, they taste a bit like sweetish tandoori. But it's Mexican-style ingredients. If you want them more spicy, drizzle on some Tabasco! Yum!

CP Honey Wings

CP Honey Wings – S$5.60
These heavily honeyed wings are actually quite well-seasoned. It's just that the adults in my family are not that fond of honey. The kids however, had no such issue, so they loved it. The midjoint wings were very tender too. Boil them in the bag or microwave.

CP Teriyaki Chicken

CP Glazed Teriyaki – S$4.00
Now the cubed chicken or mini chicken pieces in glazed sauces - both Teriyaki and Black Pepper - are probably the only items that didn't do it for us. To be honest, they didn't look too appetising in the bag, and were overly sweet if taken as-is. But you can probably be creative and add these to stir-fries (e.g. mixed vegetables) or pasta, salads, soups or stews.

Again, chicken leg meat is used, and there are no preservatives.

CP Pepper Kicks

CP Pepper Kicks – S$4.00
The honey flavour is strong in this one too. Lots of crushed black pepper kernels but the spiciness is mild. Like its teriyaki cousin above, it was too sweet for our liking. Again, you can be creative with this. Use them in pies, or add to fried rice/noodles (beehoon, udon, spaghetti?) or salads.

Many thanks again to CP Foods for the opportunity to review so many items. On the whole, an impressive range of easy-to-prepare and tasty food, and quite the godsend for busy households!

You can find CP Foods' products in most supermarkets in Singapore.

Jolie Eats Chixwing


  1. Oh man. The look absolutely delicious!

    The two front bottom teeth is so so cute!

    Golden Crispy equivalent, I think Fairprice's own brand Karaage is quite nice too.

  2. Now you've become a stooge for the commercial companies. There goes your credibility. Don't even bother telling me not to visit your website anymore because believe me, I won't be back even to read your reply.
    Good day.

  3. K-man: lol thanks! Hmmm, I haven't step into NTUC Fairprice for ages. Didn't know they have their own karaage now.

    Anon: Hello again! I'm terribly flattered you still read my posts! Well, I only blog what I find interesting, regardless of source. If it's good, I'll say so. If not, ditto. And these CP goodies were YUMMY! BUY BUY BUY!!! :D

  4. but the Fairprice karaage has been off the shelf for some time. wonder if they are bringing it back. bro loves it so much, he eats half a pack at a go!

  5. i love Tay's Crispy chicken. yet to taste CP's other stuff other than their absolutely delicious Shrimp Wonton.

    Anon: Good products are good products. Even better if they're sponsored. I don't mind getting a boatload of Shrimp Wonton anyway cos I spend good hard earned money buying em to stock up the freezer. Bitter bitter small human.

  6. K-man: hmmmmm, wonder why they pulled it off the shelves...hope it's not due to some safety issue. Hehe, I can also eat half pack or more of these things at one go!

    Southernoise: the shrimp wonton nice hor! I regret not trying them earlier. I was such a big skeptic.

    Ah, I like Tay's too. But been staying off them since a pack of their seaweed-wrapped chicken gave me tummyache (but that's most likely because I ate too much? lol)

    Sigh, I'm going to miss Anon. Hey Anon, stop lurking, and come out and eat with us lah!

  7. CP raises chickens in closed factory computer controlled farms, not organic, and so they are UNSAFE! Buy chicken that roams free, don't take the risk (as just happenned in USA) to get infected with Salmonella or E-Coli virus.


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