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Life Hacks: Recipes For Improving Your Coffee Brewing


The Best Coffee

There aren’t quite as many recipes for coffee as there are people in the world; but there are definitely tens of thousands of prep methods out there. There are probably too many potential coffee recipes for one person to fully get their mind around in a lifetime. Certainly this statement is speculative, but you get the point: there are a lot of recipes out there.

So which ones work best for you? Well, a lot of people tend to simply put the coffee grounds in a filter, and let hot water run through it into whatever receptacle is beneath. There’s your “default” coffee prep method. The thing is, you can jazz that up with a few simple and delicious moves, here we’ll explore five of them.

1. Designer Recipes Augmented To Taste

So you bought grounds that were fresh ground yesterday, and have a chocolate flavour to them. Such coffee is itself a delight, why augment it? Well, you can double-down on deliciousness. Put the grounds in the filter and grab a little spice shaker full of cinnamon. Take a pinch of that, less than a teaspoon but up to that much, and sprinkle it over the grounds.

The coffee will filter through the cinnamon and the grounds to your coffee pot. Because it’s filtered through the grounds, you’ll get all the flavour of cinnamon with none of the particulates that usually float around the top of your cup and refuse to mix properly into the liquid.

When you combine that with a chocolate blend of grounds, the flavour will make you forget things like hot cocoa ever existed.


2. The Bulletproof Coffee Approach

Ketosis: It’s a means of fat burn that your body falls into after a certain amount of time without any sugar. What a fine way to diet! But many coffee drinkers have trouble giving up certain prep methods. There’s a solution, and it’s called “bulletproof coffee”. Basically, put a pad of butter or coconut oil in with a cup of coffee.

The way the butter mixes with the coffee works together such that it scientifically increases the energy quotient of a single cup while stimulating your metabolism positively, and leaving you feeling more full. You can use a pad of butter, a dollop of coconut oil, or both. Butter tends to be best for ketosis, and you can learn more here.


3. Try New Methods Of Coffee Prep—Like Cometeer Coffee

In a nutshell, the new fad around cometeer coffee involves flash-frozen versions of your favorite brew using carbon dioxide.

You take the flash-frozen cube out of the freezer, pour the right amount of hot water over it, and voila, a delicious and instantaneous cup of caffeinated joy. This coffee is less of a recipe than it is a method of preparation, but it’s delicious either way—try it out!


4. Making Your Own Caffeinated Smoothie

A coffee smoothie represents a very easy recipe. The question becomes what you include. You can make a coffee smoothie out of hot coffee, ice, ice cream, cream, chocolate, caramel, and other ingredients to fit your taste. Or, you can use cold brew, which increases caffeine quotients and makes the flavour even more smooth.

These are quite popular, and you can adjust ingredients to fit your taste. In a coffee shop, this sort of caffeinated smoothie is called a “frappe”. Some people want their caffeinated smoothie to be sweet, others don’t like that. Play around, find what makes you happy.


5. Whole Cream – It’s Delicious

Half and half is a mixture of whole cream and milk. Whole cream is what your tongue tends to like the most with coffee. You can pick up a pint of whole cream in liquid form for $5 at most grocery stores. Try just adding a dollop with your morning cup of coffee. You won’t believe how delicious it is. It’s a stark contrast from normal creamers; you’ll never go back.

A Gourmet Cup Of Coffee Every Morning

Whether you’re adding in whole cream, making a delicious smoothie, exploring cometeer coffee, keeping fit with bulletproof coffee, or augmenting existing blends with your own ingredients for a designer recipe, there are all sorts of recipe options to jazz up your morning coffee.

Play with such recipes, mix them up, and explore new blends. You may be surprised at how little changes can make a big difference in terms of flavour, energy, and overall enjoyment.


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