Friday, May 7, 2021

Purest Nest: Bird's Nest, Snow Hashima, Collagen - Skincare Superfoods!

Bird's nest is such a prized delicacy and yet it's hard for most of us to determine the quality and quantity of the product we are getting. I recently got to try a selection of's bottled bird's nest and snow hashima. The founder created this brand when he couldn't find clear answers to the contents and nutritional value of the bird's nest products on the market.

Each bottle of the Bird's Nest contains 9 grams of genuine bird's nest and all natural ingredients. It's so concentrated that just one bottle per week is recommended. It's free of artificial flavouring, colouring, preservatives, synthetic stabilisers and chemical processing. The bird's nests are ethically harvested from farms in Southeast Asia and hand-cleaned.

Here are the flavours:

Bird's Nest with Wolfberries & Pandan 150g
Bird's Nest with Collagen & Pearl 150g
Snow Hashima with Red Dates 150g
Snow Hashima with Ginseng 150g

Yes, the bottles were filled generously with product. I really liked the Premium Bird's Nest with Wolfberries and Pandan. The texture is more "QQ" with better mouthfeel. The recipes also are rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. What's great is the sweetness level that's just right - palatable without being overly sweet.

But what really matters is the results! To my surprise, my skin improved noticeably. It was more plumped up from within and firmer. I should have taken before and after photos, but I really wasn't expecting anything to show within a week or two. I still have more than half of the bottles left! Seriously, whatever skincare you slather on externally can't really match the benefits from bird's nest. I love that it's such a delicious way to take care of your skin too.

PurestNest also offers convenient subscriptions of four bottles per month (S$209-$359). Choose your favourite flavours or try a mix of different ones to see which you prefer. Delivery is free. 

These are the consumption directions:
- Recommended daily intake is 2 tablespoons (I think these are dessert spoons, which are half tablespoons) in the morning (best on empty stomach)
- Once opened, please keep it in the fridge
- Consume within 7 days after opening

Many thanks to Purest Nest for letting me try the product!


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