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Long Chim by Chef David Thompson at MBS Celebrates First Anniversary


Long Chim at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Singapore is celebrating its first anniversary at the end of March. The edgy Thai street eats restaurant is by Chef David Thompson who also owns the legendary Nahm in Bangkok, but unlike Nahm, Long Chim (which means "come and taste") is more casual and accessible.

There's a special anniversary event on Wednesday 30th March, all day, from 12pm to 12am – where cocktails and dishes from a special birthday menu will be just $9. In Thailand, the number 9 signifies ‘luck’ and ‘moving forward’. More on the promo menu at the end of the post.


Meanwhile, we had a chance to try some dishes recently from the regular menu.

What I like about the food here is that the flavours are unapologetically intense. Yes, it's going to be salty. Yes, it's going to be complex.

I wish I could say yes, it's going to be SPICY HOT. But no, the spicy heat seems to have been toned down to meet local palates. That is a pity. But hey, they do have the street style condiments - fish sauce, sugar, chili flakes, etc - for you to customise the taste just the way you like it. Most of the food doesn't need it though.


From the starters, we have this traditional bite-size snack wrapped in betel leaves. There's a strong hint of something fermented, akin to blue cheese. Turns out it's some sort of shrimp paste (quite different from ours). Just chew on it and observe the flavours morphing in your mouth. Trippy.


These are really good. Generous chunks of tender pork married with a good marinade. I love the smoky bits.

with cumin, coriander and turmeric

This is a must have. When you bite into this, you get the clear wagyu signature (aka those fabulous monounsaturated fats) on your tongue, along with a burst of spices. The skewers are nicely char-grilled and served with refreshing shallots. I'd come back for this.

herbs, shallots and chillies

When I see this many curry leaves, I am already in love. Crunchy chunks of prawn fritters to go with a tangy shallot and herb dressing. I need the whole plate to myself.

with chillies, garlic, cumin and coconut cream

We were recommended this, and it certainly did not disappoint. These lamb ribs will make your jaw drop from the first bite. The rich braising liquid both tames the lamb and enhances the fatty ribs. Interesting pickles too.

with crunchy pork and oyster sauce

A winner with everyone at the table, the gorgeously blanched vegetables came with succulent cubes of crispy pork belly. The oyster sauce binds it all together beautifully.

with three flavoured sauce

I could not stop eating this; I just love deep-fried fish coated in Asian inspired sauces. While it says three flavoured sauce, it's really more complex than that - sweet, salty and spicy with a mild acidity. The julienned ginger, curry leaves, turmeric and chili all provide beautiful aromatic notes.

with chillies, thai basil, cucumber and roti

Another dish with intense flavours; the beef has been richly infused with all the curry goodness. This would go just as well with rice. If the green curry is this good, I need to revisit and try the red curry. One of the guests told us they loved it.


We had so many good dishes but somehow I kept coming back to this pot of baked vermicelli. Comfort food for me.

with prawns, peanuts and beansprouts

I've been hunting for a good pad thai in Singapore, and just can't find one. I have to keep looking. The pad thai here looks great but doesn't quite knock your socks off. Sure it's got really fresh and good ingredients, but it's still missing that perfect balance of flavours.

They do have tom yum soup here (which respectable Thai eatery wouldn't?) but while it's pleasant, I really do miss the spicy kick that Thai style tom yum gives. You know, the kind that makes beads of sweat break out on your brow in a vain attempt to douse the flaming hot sensation.

Desserts were decent. Even though we were all so full, we couldn't help but try everything. Durian/Jackfruit ice cream with sesame wafer (centre) and the coffee ice cream were crowd pleasers. The Banana Roti (crispy prata with banana) comes doused with condensed milk for extra sweetness. One thing I do love are the thick shreds of young coconut the Thais put on desserts - makes our dessicated coconut look miserly. Mango sticky rice was okay.

Thai iced milk tea and iced tea go well with the meal.

Long Chim's bar programme include Thai inspired cocktails. Cocktails here are generally easy to drink (my alcohol threshold is seriously low). If you like mojito style drinks, try the 555 (right) which has coriander and cucumber.

Oh and when you're at Long Chim, make sure you pay a visit to the bathroom.

It's got beautiful graffiti painted by artists.

Also note the flooring outside near the entrance; the colourful and artistic tiles make an exquisite collage.

The whole environment at Long Chim has been designed to be edgy, vibrant and stylish. It may be street food but it's served in

So back to their first anniversary promo: on the 30th March, Long Chim will celebrate with special S$9 dishes and drinks all day from noon to midnight.

The 1st Birthday Menu includes:

Starters: grilled pork skewers / crunchy prawn cakes / dried prawns ginger toasted coconut in betel leaves / vegetable spring rolls / chiang mai larp of chicken

Noodles: prin’s noodle pork and prawn with sriracha sauce / charred rice noodle pork yellow bean and chinese broccoli / charred rice noodles beef onions and thai basil

Currries: green curry of chicken and thai eggplants / red curry of roast duck thai basil/ aromatic vegetable curry with cauliflower, tomatoes and shallots

Rice dishes: chicken biryani thai style with tomato and herb soup / grilled chicken sweet chilli sauce / fried rice with crab meat

Salads: grilled wagyu beef roasted rice and long leaf coriander / shredded cucumber with shrimp paste peanuts and tomato /grilled long eggplant with dried prawns andsteamed egg

Stir fried: minced beef chillies garlic holy basil fried egg /baby squid chillies green peppercorns and holy basil /siamese watercress garlic and yellow beans / Chinese broccoli crunchy pork and oyster sauce

Desserts: coffee ice cream / lod chong / banana roti / coconut cake

Cocktails: melrose fizz / bpk / tor kor mule / monsoon bird / 555 / thai pisco

Beer: Leo / Singha

Wines: Santa Digna Estelado Sparkling Rose Miguel Torres - Curico Valley, Chile / Santa Digna Sauvignon Blanc Reserve Miguel Torres – Curico Valley, Chile / Gamekeeper’s Shiraz St Hallett – Barossa Valley, Australia

To book tables please email or call 6688 7299.


Long Chim has also opened in Perth at the most prestigious Hotel Como (that's the hotel we were speculating about on our Perth trip last year; it takes over the Treasury).

L2-02, Casino Atrium 2
Access via The Shoppes, Bay Level, L1:
-- Lift lobby between Mulberry & Herm├Ęs Watch Boutique
-- Lift lobby beside LA PERLA
Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018956
Tel: +65 6688-7299

Opening hours:
Lunch - Mondays to Fridays, from 11.30am to 2.30pm
Brunch - Sat & Sun 12pm to 4pm
Dinner - daily from from 5.30pm to 11pm.
The bar - 5.30pm until midnight, daily.

Many thanks to Long Chim for hosting the dinner

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