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K Box Buffet Dinner with Free Karaoke Session

Some of my friends are diehard karaoke fans, and they love to eat too. For them, a perfect night out is somewhere they can sing their hearts out, and eat to their stomach's content.

Most of them like K BOX which is Singapore's largest family karaoke chain (nine outlets) that has been around since 2002. It's safe, clean and family-friendly. Trust me, you don't want to step into the wrong kind of karaoke joint, if you know what I mean!

K BOX also has a dinner buffet you can indulge in, at two locations.

Nadine really took to the mike! Jolie a bit more shy

I decided to bring the kids for their first experience ever, since they both love singing and dancing. They seriously loved it - Nadine took to the mike boldly; Jolie was a bit more shy. I was really encouraged the way Nadine tried hard to mimic the lyrics and pronounce words she doesn't know yet.

Your private karaoke room with easy selection panel

We had a cosy little room at the Cineleisure branch, and a colourful touchscreen control pad for picking songs - via artist, genre, language, popularity, alphabetical order or search. Even the kids knew how intuitively how to operate this thing. But luckily for me, they did not find the songs from Frozen, and they forgot about PSY! Phew!

Platter of noodles, chicken wings and vegetables

But let's take a look at the food!

BBQ items prepared fresh

Meat eaters will probably make a beeline for the BBQ live station, where they pan-fry various meats.

From the BBQ grill

They dish up sausages, lamb chop, chicken, beef, and even saba or grilled mackerel.

Griddle-fried chicken

Look at all the grilled chicken. This was not bad; eat it while it's hot!

Saba grilled mackerel

I love how beautiful saba shioyaki looks.

Roast duck

There's more meat over at the hot mains section - roast duck. I totally forgot to try this, as there was just too much food.

Broccoli and braised sea cucumber which I think got walloped first

But there are lots of vegetables too - here, broccoli with braised sea cucumber. I'd recommend going early, cos some kiasu karaoke-ers might swipe all the good stuff.

Chicken wings

Fried chicken wings: always a staple at karaoke somehow.

Kailan with carrots and mushrooms

More vegetables, which is good! Kailan with carrots, mushrooms and wood ear fungus.

Dim sum staples - har gau and siew mai

Dim sum - har gau and siew mai - the kids' favourite!

This looks vegetarian enough

And one more vegetable dish - snow pea medley with prawns.

Baked scallop with cheese

Cheese scallops baked on the shell! Worth a few bites.

Carb - fried rice and noodles

For the carb lovers - fried rice and fried noodles to go with all the hot food. But wait, don't fill up yet. There's salad and sashimi too!

From the seafood bar
There's a small sashimi and seafood bar towards the right. I guess you can start with cold selections

Salmon sashimi

Salmon sashimi - the crowd pleaser!

Ika sashimi

Ika or octopus sashimi.

Prawns galore

And boiled cold shrimp.

Achar with topshell slices

I think this is topshell in achar.

Smoked duck breast Thai salad style

Smoked duck breast Thai salad style looks so good.

Salads of various kinds at K Box

Lots more cold selections in the salad area. Pasta salad, pickled lotus root slices, green salad, coleslaw, kimchi, and achar.

Crispy goodies - fried fish skin and papadum (not shown)

Crunchy snacks like fried fish skin (I love this) and papadum. There are jelly cups too.

Vanilla cookies, raisin scones and chocolate cookies

I think anyone would be too full for dessert after that spread. But they thoughtfully have small bitesize treats like cookies and scones.

Longan with sea coconut; lychees with pineapples

Take some refreshing Chinese desserts like longan and sea coconut, or lychees with pineapples. Might be soothing for the throat.

Ice cream!
And there's ice cream - six flavours in all!

Drinks include coffee and teh tarik, green tea and black currant drinks, and water

Help yourself to the drinks - coffee (black, latte, mocha, etc) and teh tarik. Nestea blackcurrant and sweetened green tea from the dispenser. And there's always iced water for the calorie free choice.

It's quite a spread at K Box buffet dinner

The dinner buffet (from as low as S$25++) is a pretty good deal for friends and family gatherings. There's something for everyone and you can feast all you want on sashimi, prawns, scallops, duck, meats and snacks. On top of that, you get the karaoke session included too. And right now, there's a DBS/POSB card promotion you can take advantage of.

DBS/POSB Cardholders Promotion: 10% off the sub total bill! (Valid till 28 Feb 2015, excluding eve of public holidays, and the first seven days of CNY)

Visit the K BOX Facebook page to keep updated on latest promotions and happenings.


Locations with buffet dinner 6pm to 10pm

8 Grange Road
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
Singapore 239695

6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square
Singapore 039594

See website for other prices and locations.

This post was brought to you by K BOX and DBS Bank

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