Saturday, August 9, 2014

Happy National Day! What Local Food Are You? Chef Eric Low Will Demo No.1 Dish in This Quiz with Electrolux at TANGS 17 Aug

It's Singapore's 49th birthday, and what unites us better than our crazy, unexplainable, incessant love for food? We have so many amazing dishes on one little island nation. But which local dish do you think represents you the most?

Take the Electrolux fun interactive quiz here:

It turns out I am Nasi Lemak.

On another attempt, I got Chili Crab. Haha. I hear Laksa and Char Kway Teow are lurking somewhere. Even an Ice Kachang! What are you going to be?

Well, whatever dish proves the most popular in this quiz is going to be showcased at TANGS in a cooking demo by Electrolux Chef-in-Residence Eric Low. Mark your diaries for Sunday 17 August, 3-5pm!

Electrolux found in a food survey that 93% of Singaporeans say that they are passionate about food, but a huge percentage – 65% – describe their cooking skills as limited or a disaster. This cooking demo is a way to show Singaporeans that there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to cooking, and these easy-to-cook recipes can help them take the first step to building kitchen confidence.

Interestingly, 35% of men claim to be the primary meal preparer in the family, but only 8% of the women say their husbands do more of the cooking.

Chef Eric Low
Chef Eric Low is an amazing teacher - he loves sharing information and I have learned a lot each time I listen to him. I've got some of his recipes to share too, in a future post. Do watch out for those.

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