Monday, July 21, 2014

Cooking with Chinese Herbs: Three Recipes from Chefs Arron Huang and Yong Bing Ngen

Intrigued by Chinese medicinal herbs but not sure how to use them in cooking? Here are three recipes from Taiwanese chef Arron Huang and Majestic Restaurant chef Yong Bing Ngen, using herbs that are commonly available at Eu Yan Sang. They presented this at a World Gourmet Summit workshop at ToTT earlier this year.

The recipes are not difficult but they make impressive dishes.

Fried roast duck breast and shrimp with Chinese Angelica and Licorice

Baked Fish with Wild Gastrodia, Cnidium and Red Dates

[薏仁/ 芡实/ 圆肉/ 蜜枣/ 杞子/ 海榄/ 银杏/ 鲜百合]
White Tremella Mushroom Herbal Tea with Eight Treasures
[Coix Barley, Euryale Seed, Dried Longan Fruit, Honey Date, Chinese Wolfberry, Sea Olive, Gingko Biloba and Fresh Lily Bulb]

Full recipes here:


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